Blogger Meetup this Wednesday

I will attend the Shanghai Blogger Meetup this Wednesday. This is the second time I join the meetup and I definitely enjoy my previous one. A new friend Matt is among one of the best archivements that night. The topic for this Wednesday night, as Fons put it, is:

What makes you blog? We already covered “making money” last time, now this seems a nice follow-up. How often do you write, and how do you pick your subjects every day? Do you have an audience in mind when you blog, and who is that? What is your philosophy for using links?

If you are a blogger and want to join, I guess it is OK to register on the website. RSVP required. I will be there around 7:00 PM.

4 thoughts on “Blogger Meetup this Wednesday

  1. Hey Wang,

    I’ve joined the meet up group, but too bad, I still don’t have time to show up in any meeting yet due to busy work load these days. Don’t forget to post a recap if there any for the coming meeting!



  2. Will there be any meetings between March 30 – April 11? I will be in Pudong during those days and would love to chat with people who are living/working in Shanghai to get some info on the possibility of immigrating to Shanghai.

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