Kung Fu Hustle is Great

Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle or Gong Fu is great. I like the movie. I even went to theatre twice – once in the Super Brand Mall with Chen and Xia, the other time in the theatre in Metro City by myself – since I happen to win one free ticket.

I would recommend people to go to movie to see it. It is better than Shi Mian Mai Fu, better than Hero. It is just funny and I LOL many times in the theatre with others.


Image in courtesy of the official website

It is the most interesting movie I saw in 2004.

Its official website is slow, BTW.

P.S. Eric continued to post on the business work. Claire just returned to Shanghai from her trip to Cambodia, and Vietnam. Xiao Gao still kept his very slow pace to post onto his blog while Wendy seems completed stopped.

15 thoughts on “Kung Fu Hustle is Great

  1. I have heard a lot about this movie but haven’t seen it yet. I have a “dao ban” copy that I’m hoping to find some time to watch, hope it is as good as you say! :)

  2. It’s really a movie that should be seen in theatre, it’s really great!

    I think it’s better than Tian Di Ying Xiong, not to speak Ying Xiong.

  3. Hi Jianshuo,

    Actually I post my last comment on 09:11 AM, but it shows as 08:11 AM.

    Can you find the bug?



  4. Stone, I hear that. I seems I set the time zone of my blog to be +7, instead of +8. I have changed it to the right value. I noticed this before but didn’t think it a big issue.

  5. I saw your blog occasionally last time and found it is a very interesting blog, which have many topics talking about Shanghai nowadays. When I read these wonderful articles written by you, at the same time I feel like being in Shanghai again, keep up your good work! & Happy Lunar New Year !

  6. This looks like a really funny movie and I want to see it now. I am a big fan of Chinese movies but unfortunately it doesn’t look like its coming to Austin anytime soon :(

  7. Hi,

    This is Annie.

    The first time I stop by here.


    And, JFYI,

    “SHI MIAN MAI FU” is actually called “The House of Flying Dagger” for its Eng ver.

    and Tian Di Ying Xiong is “Hero Under Heaven”


    C U~ I promise I’ll frequent here ~

  8. Here’s what I wrote 2 days ago to my English friend recommending the film.

    Hi Ian,

    The reasons I am recommending this film to you are:

    The film is brilliant in itself–a light black comedy in Kongfu disguise and uses succinct international movie language; Some hidden fun is lost in translation but overall translation is good enough to be appreciated by Americans. So why not more cultured Europeans? :)

    You have interests in quality movies rather than just any billion-dollar packaged films.

    This film is directed and stared by the most successful Hong Kong comedian-and-director, Stephan Chow, whose idol was Bruce Lee. That’s why he shot this film to pay respect to Bruce. But you won’t see anything resembling Bruce’s style. Rather, you will see something like in Matrix Reloaded but in a much easier to understand story. Stephan Chow never shot a film without reinventing a new style.

    I have said enough about it and I am confident that you will see for yourself its quality. I don’t recommend because others think it’s good. I recommend something when I truly like it myself.

    Another film I have is even better than this, but it doesn’t have subtitles. But you may find out its story online. The title is “a world without thieves”. It shows you what China’s regional diversity today and the theme is so provocatively demonstrated in absolutely stunning filming techniques! :) It’s even more hilarious than Kong Fu Hustle and the director (most celebrated in mainland) is the actor who plays the role of Head of Crocodile Bang in Chow’s Kong Fu Hustle killed immediately after his appearance! ^.^ Both films are better than House of Staggers and Hero.

    So let me know if you want the movie.


  9. Really good movie, better than “Shaolin Soccer”, I guess. The scene with the two musicians, is one of the most originals in that type of movies.

  10. this is a great movie with great phelosofy which is put in a comic way ,,nd i think this movie says we chinese r gonna kick ass,,, really awsome brilliant idea ,,nd take u from deap laugh to a deap sorrow to deap thinkin


    well i need papers nd papers to describe my joy ,,,

    really great one

  11. please can you send me a web or a movie of Kung Fu Hustle because i am from hong kong and i am a big fan of this movie

  12. kong fu hustle is briliant but in my opinion its not better than hero I only saw it 2 weeks ago I really recomend everyone see it

  13. Haaaaallloooo,

    Is alles Engels hier, of is hier ook nog iemand die een woordeken Nederlands spreekt?

    Waarom is er niemand die zo praat als ik??? Nu voel ik me alleen….;)

    Die film ken ik trouwens niet. Nooit gezien.

    That film I don’t know. Never heard of it either. (Zoiets???)



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