Flying and Flying…

From Dec 6 of the last year till now, the mileage numbers in many airlines increased a lot: ANA, United, China Eastern and Air China…. As I didn’t disclose, on the first working day of 2005, I went to Beijing and stayed there till Jan 7. I am packing my package for my flight to Cheng Du tomorrow and hopefully I can get back this Friday or Saturday.

I don’t like business travel. On the flight from Beijing to Shanghai, I stared outside the window – I always ask for window seat from my first airplane experience in 1995.

My First Air Travel Experience

It is interesting to recall the excitement when I took the China Southern Airlines for the first time, from Zhengzhou, Henan Province to Shanghai. China Southern Airlines rewarded three free tickets to the top 3 student in the entrance exam in Henan Province (out of half million examinees). (Update: To be accurate, they sponsored free tickets for top students for Peking Univ., Tsinghua Univ, SJTU and Fudan.) I was lucky to get one. Wendy also got one. Gan Quan, who became a good friend of mine in university was the third person. :D I’d like to take the chance, after 9 years, to thank China Southern Airlines for their generous sponsorship.

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  1. It’s never too late to say thank you for something. The fact that now, nine years after the fact, you still feel appreciation for the role they played in your first plane trip should mean a great deal to their Public Relations department :)

    I think the same thing is true for teachers and other people who have made a difference to you in the past. A sincere “thank you” years after the moment in memory, is far more meaningful to someone than a token “thanks for everything” as you’re heading out the door at the time they have helped you.

    (And, a hint to all the sons and daughters out there — mothers and fathers feel that way too :-)

  2. And Out of that three, two of them are living in the same household! And the 3rd one is a good friend. Who can top that?!

  3. Wow, all 3 of you decided to go to Shanghai for university? I always thought that universities in Beijing attracted most of the top students.

  4. Ops. I guess I made a mistake there (although not intensionally). China Southern Airlines sponsored 12 tickets I remember, 3 for Tsinghua, Peking, Fudan and Shanghai Jiaotong Univ. The three tickets I mentioned were those issued to SJTU.

  5. “Wow, all 3 of you decided to go to Shanghai for university? I always thought that universities in Beijing attracted most of the top students”

    I dunno where you get your news, from what I heard, Shanghai Jiaotung university is the best school in China, or at least top 2/3

  6. To be frankly, Shanghai JiaoTong University is not the best. Although there are too many standards and too many oppions on which unversity is best, or it is not meaningful to choose “the best” out of all the universities, university with the most reputation should be Tsinghua, Peking University, Fudan and SJTU.

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