Congratulations to Zong Rui’s Wedding

Zong Rui is my university room mate. We lived in the same dorm for two years. After that, Rui went to Tokyo for his career there.

I got his SMS when I was in New York (yes, I could still receive my SMS with my China Mobile cellphone). He told me he was going to hold his wedding ceremony in Marriot (Hong Qiao) Hotel. It was a big surprise for me. Wendy and I went to the ceremony and were very appy for him. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Zong! My best wishes to you two!

7 thoughts on “Congratulations to Zong Rui’s Wedding

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    FROM: Judith Johnson

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  2. Dear Sister Judith Johnson,

    I strongly belive that the Good Lord will heal you,if He decide to take you home ,it is a blessed place.

    The bible said that to die is gain,i am happy that you lived your life as a christian ,and your home in heaven is already waiting for you.Remain bless of the Lord.

    As i wait for your reply.

    Yours in the Vineyard

    Evang.Emenike Victor Anyaogu

  3. Judith,

    You sound like a very brave person and extremely committed my hope for you is that you don’t give up but continue to trust and believe.


  4. Trust and believe that God can be your doctor in a hospital room, your lawyer in a court room, your water when your thirsty, and your bread when you’re hungry. Just call on his name and he’ll be there. Continue to hold on to his unchanging hand. He said that he will never leave or forsake us. Just believe!! You are in my prayers as I wait for your reply.

    In God Only Do I Trust,

    Miss Willis

  5. Belive in God, everything happens due to the God’s desire, have faith, in him and God will heal you. He always takes care of his children like a parent and any parent doesn’t want to see his/her child in suffering condition. Have faith.

    You do not need to know how or why faith work, it does works.

    God bless you.

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