Arrived in Seattle

Just post a short notice onto this web before I go out for lunch. I have I arrived in Seattle safely and have checked in the Sheraton Hotel and Tower at 1400 6th Avenue, Seattle. It is among the best locations in Seattle – at the block between Union Street and the Pike Street. I rent a car from Avis and drove it here. It is so easy to drive in the States than in Shanghai. Stephen’s comment of the last day is correct – it is raining. When I watched out of the window of the B777 aircraft during its landinig, I realized that I would have to drive in the rush hours of a rainy Monday morning. It seemed crazy for first time drivers. To be safe, I drove on the local roads around the airport area for about one hour – first half an hour to get used to the new car and the new driving style, and the second half looking for ways to I-5. It turned out to be a very easy trip. I took 250 pictures on the way already, including those on the short stay in Tokyo. I successfully get the shore pass (or the temp visa) and took train to the nearby town — Narita. ANA shouldn’t have denied me two days before. According to the shore pass, I can stay in Tokyo and Chiba till Dec 9, 2004. I wandered in the town for one and half hour and get back to Terminal 1 of NRT to continue my journey to U.S. I am experiencing jet lag now. The clock on the right corner of the computer reminds me that the current Shanghai time is around 4:00 AM. So many interesting stories to share on the trip. I will take time to create some topics and write around them. I love travel since travel has the magic power to put more stuff into the same amount of time.

Temp share of the photo

14 thoughts on “Arrived in Seattle

  1. Mr. Wang,

    Want Chinese food? take I-5 and exit at James, if you missed James, take Dearborn and it’ll lead you to the international district.


  2. Welcome to USA! The Weather for the rest of your trip will getting better, I think. It’s going to be a little bit on warm side this time of the year in the Midwest and Northeast. Enjoy your visit! Don’t work too hard. After all, it is your VACATION!

  3. Just remind you that your local time is Dec. 6 instead of Dec. 7.

    Have a great trip in USA.


  4. Hi Jianshuo

    Didn’t you meet any problems when you showed your chinese drivers license ?

    Is it valid in US ?

  5. No problem at all. The Avis counter didn’t say anything about it. At the gate out of the Avis parking area, the staff checked my contract and driver’s license and asked: Do you have international driver’s license? I have the impression that Shanghai’s driver’s license is special and was approved by (some organization) as equivlent of International license. I said so and he told me OK. BTW, I have an copy of English translation by myself with the license.

  6. Have a nice trip in US. Drive safely! Freeways around Seattle looked a bit interesting to me since some parts have carpool lane on the right side.

  7. Mr. Wang,

    You are so bold to drive the I-5 during rush hour, the traffic at I-5 just like a cascade and people in Seattle usually do 70 mph on interstate. Look out for the black ice when you drive in early morning, the experience is so thrill which will eat your heart out.


  8. Just remind you Queen Anne and Alki beach are two best places to see Seattle’s night light view.

  9. you lucky boy! Looks like you took a whole army of people on your trip. Have fun, and hope sleepless in Seattle won’t come true for you. Is it still raining outside?

  10. Hi jianshuo, enjoy your trip! How long will you stay in states? two week? I noticed that you will be in D.C for couple days? I have a short trip to DC around Christmas, but I think you won’t miss the chance to celebrate Christmas in New York. Have a nice trip! :)

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