Starting the Journey, Again

I will go to Pudong Airport, again, tomorrow morning, heading to Seattle via Tokyo. Good luck to me. I hope I don’t meet any problem at the Seattle when I enter U.S.

P.S. I started my Skype journey and my id in Skype is jianshuo. My friends, you can add me to your contact list. I will also follow Isaac Mao’s practice: I do not accept request with name I cannot recognize. The voice is super and I love the conference call function.

3 thoughts on “Starting the Journey, Again

  1. Mr. Wang,

    I have bad news for you! When you reached Seattle, you”ll find a week long overcasted rainy weather to greet you on your arrival. This is typical Pacific Northwest winter weather and suggest you wear woolen sweater and Gore-tex jacket to keep warm.

    Don’t forget your flu shot prior to your arrival!


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