Shanghai Metro Line #1 – Part I

In this series of article, I want to give personal comments to the Metro Stations along Shanghai Metro Line #1.

Xin Zhuang Station 莘庄 map

Xin Zhuang is the south-most stop of Shanghai Metro Line #1. It is also the starting station of Shanghai Metro Line #5 (or Xin Min Light Rail). There is no in-station transition between the two lines. You have to exit the Metro #1 and buy separate ticket for Metro Line #5.

There are almost no commercial facilities around that area right now. But it became one of the most populated area for residents for the convenient transportation but relatively lower price for apartments. Massive residential buildings were constructed near that station, and extend to the Lian Hua Road. Station.

Bus stops: 763, 756, 704B, 753

Waihuan Road Station 外环路 map

Like Xin Zhuang, The Waihuan (Outer Ring) Road Station is mainly a residential area. Seldom does passengers go to this station if they do not live there or don’t have a friend living there.

Bus Stops: 704B, 712, 753, 747

Lianhua Road 莲花路 map

I lived near this stop for around 3 years. My first rented apartment at Meilong is near Lian Hua Road Station. It is the first stop with full commercial facilities along the Metro Line #1.

The Friendship Shopping Center, the HomeMart are located there. Within the shopping malls, Starbucks, McDonalds, Hagen-Daze can be found. These shops are easily found at downtown, and Lian Hua Road is the first Metro Station from the south to have these facilities.

Bus Stops: 753, 757, 704, 704B, 747, 712

Hongmei Road Station 虹梅路 map

This stop was first named Jin Jiang Park Station, and then rented to Hong Mei Road Station. After a while, it is renamed back to Jin Jiang Park Station and finally, changed back to Hong Mei Road. Station. It is interesting.

Since this station is the transportation hub, with the Hu Min Elevated Road and Middle Ring crossing there, it is the most noisy and crowded stations along the Metro Line #1.

The Metro wholesale shopping mall is there. When the Shanghai Southern Railway Station is under construction, passengers should get onboard the trains to Hangzhou from this Metro station.

Bus Stops: 757, 747, 03, 803, 704, 704B, 712, 122, 703, 131, 326, 735, 725, 755, 218, 50, 755B, 731, 804

South Shanghai Railway Station Station 上海南站 map

The South Shanghai Railway Station will be a huge new station. It is expected to open soon. This Metro Station is closed at the time this post becomes online due to the construction.

Bus Stops: 703, 704, 50, 326, 218, 704B

Caobao Road Station 漕宝路 map

I lived at this station for two years. The Shanghai Ever Bright Exhibition and Conference Center is located at this station. There is nothing to see at this stop – it is very close to the downtown but not yet.

Bus Stops: 718, 704B, 703, 704, 326, 07, 50, 218, 92, 809, 43, 401, 834

Shanghai Stadium Station 上体馆 map

IKEA – the largest IKEA in Asia is located at this station. The Shanghai Stadium and Shanghai Swimming Stadium is here. It is both a sports center in Shanghai (one of the four major sports centers) and the transportation hub. It has more bus lines than many other Metro stations. The Hua Ting Hotel, the first five-star hotel in Shanghai is at this station.

This stop is also the transition stop to Metro Line #3. There is pretty long way to go to transit here. You have to buy separate ticket too.

Bus Stops: 920, 205, 830, 814, 754, 42, 824, 840, 834, 50, 926, 303, 43, 712, 122, 251, 938, 138, 87, 73, 808, 524, 857, 42, 49, 120, 718, 720, 721, 704, 764, 07, 820, 847, 218, 927, 401, 89, 111, 872, 315, 401, 770, 303, 931, 56, 703

Xujiahui 徐家汇 map

Xujiahui is what we call “downtown”. It is the commercial center of the south-west region of Shanghai. Large shopping malls, fashioned shops and all kinds of restaurants gathers at the square. In a 1 square meter area, there are two Starbucks stores, 4 KFCs, 2 PizzaHuts, and 2 McDonalds stores. These numbers reflect how intensive the business in that area is.

See Xujiahui – Night or search for Xujiahui on this site.

Xujiahui is more as a commercial center than a business center. I work at the Metro Tower of Xujiahui. On the tower are some famous companies like Microsoft, Yum Corp (KFC + PizzaHut + Tacobell).

The Shanghai Jiao Tong University is also located near this station.

Bus Stops: 56, 732, 814, 205, 754, 02, 840, 920, 93, 572, 931, 830, 824, 548, 320, 806, 44, 834, 840, 72, 926, 302, 43, 315, 303, 50, 42, 847, Airport Bus #3, 547, 593, 927, 872, 820, 712, 326, 15, 315, 401, 122, 512, 732, 864


To be continued…

7 thoughts on “Shanghai Metro Line #1 – Part I

  1. Hi Jianshuo

    Great job !

    Sooner or later you will receive some benefits from Shanghai City I believe.

    I suggest that they give you a free Platinum-ticket for the F1 next year !

    Two days ago I saw a schedule on the upper walls at Xujiahui Station that the line #1 is being extended to the north, 8 stations more than now, terminating at Gung Fu Xin Cun.

    I do not know if it is operating yet, but the line map was there on the wall !

    The Fuxing Dong Lu Tunnel (Zhangyanglu – Fuxingdonglu) is opening on oct. 1. according to my latest information. That will be a relief, because I can’t see any signs that prohibits taxis not to go there, unlike the Yanan Dong Lu Tunnel.

  2. Hi Jian Shuo

    Your website is very informative and helpful to someone like me who takes an interest in Shanghai suburbs. Your comment last year on Xinzhuang was brief, the place being the last station of Metro Line 1.

    Do you know of any latest update on commercial and residential developments in Xinzhuang, especially around the metro station. You might know something about the following questions:

    – What kind of retail business is available here?

    – What about food, shopping and leisure facilities?

    – What is your estimated population in this small town?

    – How long does it take to arrive in Xujiahui from Xinzhuang on the metro?

    Thank you for answering my questions.


  3. Harry, I hope I can answer your question but I haven’t been to Xinzhuang for quite some time. I guess it has developed very quickly, and large shopping center emerges there. Metro runs 2 minutes per station so you know the time it uses. It is much betteer than before, but I still don’t think it is comparable with downtown yet. Hope other community members who lives in Xinzhuang can have some comments on this.

  4. Wooo Hoo!!! KCR East Rail in Hong Kong, Lo Wu<—–East Tsim Sha Tsui

    KCR is so much better than Shenzhen, Shanghai Metro, even has Cable TV!!!!!!! for free and it’s so CHEAP

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