Windows 2002

Have you seen Windows 2002? I saw a copy at a department store.


Photographed by Jian Shuo Wang

It is not from Microsoft though. :-D


  1. Really? There is such a thing as Windows 2002 but is not from Microsoft? Strange…d’you happen to know who made it?

  2. wow! it’s windows 2002 entertainment edition :-)

  3. As printed on the screen, it is SUBOR Windows 2002. It is just for fun. People tend to use famous names to name their products. I am not an expert in law and don’t know whether it is legal or not. Anyway, it is just for fun. The system powers the game console.

  4. Oddly I see reference to windows 2002 in packet captures, weird isn’t it ?

  5. Windows 2002 can mean Windows XP Media Center as it was released in 2002

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