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As I said in this article, “blogging is become really, really hot in Microsoft”. Here are more evidence to it.

If you visit today and click Communities under Resources on the left navigation bar, you will reach the community page (I love communities. I have been working in this division before). There is a blogs entry on the left navigation bar.

The link leads to the Microsoft Community Blogs portal.

Screenshot in Courtesy of enable all Microsoft Full Time Employees to publish their blogs onto the website. I am still looking for ways to publish only Microsoft related topics to the site yet.

Search for Wangjianshuo with the search tool and you can see my blog there.

3 thoughts on “My Blog on

  1. I felt very confused that Microsoft allowed you to publish the Blog during the work time?

    In my company,and most of the Chinese Company,this is so called “nonrelated with work”

  2. Tofu, MS is NOT a chinese company and therefore they can discover new areas, if the staff is creative and innovating. Just like the european company, hwo employs me here.

    Tell your own boss this fact. In the end it will pay, and it is far more fun for the employees ! (My best guess is that he will think you’re nutz !)

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