New Issue of City Weekend

Went to Starbucks at Riverside in Pudong tonight with Wendy. It was already 10:00 PM and the Starbucks was still full of people.

City Weekend

On the bookshelf was the free copy of City Weekend.


Image in courtesy of City Weekend.

One of the Two Major English City Guides

There are two major city guides in Shanghai – City Weekend and That’s Shanghai. Both are in English and targeted to ex-pats. I likeThat’s Shanghai better since it looks more fresh and fashionable with more useful information. However, it seems City Weekend are easily to get – I cannot find That’s Shanghai in Starbucks. Let me write about this issue of City Weekend (July 8 – July 21 Issue)

Talk de Talk

In cities like Shanghai, language learning is a hot business. There are enough companies/schools teaching Chinese English and teach foreigners Chinese. They all have good Business.

Talk de Talk is hosted by David Wu – my FOAF (a friend another friend). His radio talk show is on

  • Saturday mornings 10-11am on FM 101.7 in Shanghai
  • Sunday evenings 10-11pm n FM 97.4 in Beijing

Businesses Adverisements

The issue is full of advertisements of all kinds for ex-pats You can see the service market, the job market, property market – everything in the magzine. It is interested that there are many company providing Ayi service (Ayi is the Chinese word for servants).

LifeLine Shanghai

LifeLine is a helpline dedicate to addressing the needs ex-pats in China. They can be reached on 021-62798990, or by visiting

I learnt this from Adam Minter’s cover story – The Lunching Ladies. Her article talks about the living status of Ex-pats’ wives.

We’re here supporting our husbands… Some woman can’t do that – and those women either don’t come, or leave

According to the article, “For ex-pat wives, teaching remains the most likely employement option for those who choose to work”. I love this article, because it is just telling the truth.

6 thoughts on “New Issue of City Weekend

  1. In this month’s issue of that’s Shanghai, they mention why they’re not in Starbucks. Apparently Starbucks only allows magazines into their establishment if they give them free advertising in return, which goes against that’s Shanghai’s policy.

    There’s also a new (sort of) magazine called Voyage, which is an English-language travel magazine found in four and five star hotels throughout China. I also happen to work there, so there’s my plug.

  2. I didn’t know you like to make terms into acronyms. I really LOL when I found out about FOAF! That was funny! Thanks for making my day hehehe! :D

  3. i am trying to contact adam minter for a magazine story on old chinese houses in anhui province. thanks

  4. It’s commendable that the government is finally cracking down on the spitting problem….but a far more serious issue they have overlooked is the peeing problem. Outside our complex in Pudong we have a line-up of taxis along the curb and a line-up of the drivers against the wall, creating a stench that will be overwhelming come the summer months. It is filthy and disgusting to walk on the sidewalk through the streams of pee!

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