Shanghai Enters Rainy Season

Shanghai enters the rainy season these days. I can expect 2 month long of raining days. Now, it rains heavily outside, from yesterday night, to this morning, till now. I will expect it to rain the whole night again till tomorrow morning, and maybe continue to rain….

In short, I mean we have to say goodbye to sunny days in Shanghai temporally for about 2 months. It is like the weather of Seattle in winter. The cloths never dry in these days. It is called Mei Yu in Chinese, or Berry Rain because it is the season for harvest of berry. The cold air and the warm air counterstrike on the Yangtze River before the warm air moves northward. So it rains everyday. This is what I learnt on geography text book.

6 thoughts on “Shanghai Enters Rainy Season

  1. Shanghai Daily a few days ago had an article describing the cause of this raining season. It uses both “plum rain” and “mold rain”. I think these are better translations.

  2. >>> In short, I mean we have to say goodbye to sunny days in Shanghai

    That’s strange, I don’t remember ever saying “hello” to sunny days in Shanghai! ;-)

  3. Hi WJS,

    We will be in Shanghai this Thursday and this is our first time to see China, meaning that we would not like to get an unpleasant first-impression because of the rainy weather.

    Would you mind giving us some tips, if any, about getting around during these rainy days? And is it the same weather in e.g. Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, etc.?

    By the way, your site is very useful. It seems honest about things. Good work, and thanks for that.



  4. Chances are, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Suzhou are in the same weather as Shanghai. However, the whether of Shanghai became good in the recent few days.

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