Moving to the New Apartment

The decoration (or re-moduling in foreigners’ concept, even “building” for someone) almost completed. The project will be signed up tomorrow with the last equipments like the table in the kitchen will be completed. The project was “outsourced” to the B&Q decoration team and the work was wonderful. I didn’t spend much time in controlling the quality as for my Vanke Waltz Apartment, but the quality is almost the same, if not higher. I am very happy with it.

Now the apartment is of a little smell of paints and dust. I am going to place pine-apples into the room to remove the smells. Hopeful, I am able to move in very soon. There will be no furnitures in the new apartment. We started over again.

Today, we went to Yongle ( and put two air-conditions and a 29′ TV set into my shopping cart.

6 thoughts on “Moving to the New Apartment

  1. in singapore, pineapples are considered lucky. the chinese of the hokkien (fujian) dialect usually roll a pineapple into the new apartment saying “ong lai” which means “good luck comes”!

  2. hey, u get to rid the paint smell and have good luck at the same time, so why not LOL :)

  3. PS. Just reviewed the budget and actual fee with the construction with the B&Q team lead of the decoration team. It is almost on track and the budget control is well done.

  4. Hi there, i need some woman’s advise about moving to Shanghai or Pudong soon. We have 10 years old girl, we love sport and nature. Looking at the pictures from internet, life style in Pudong looks gray and so far from ours. What can we expect there and what shell we find there for the kids.

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