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Eddie started a new blog. He is a great coworker of mine. He spent lot of effort on his new blog at http://liuzhijian.net. One day, Eddie sent me MSN Messenger to ask me to add a link to his site. I agreed but forgot to add the link. Days after, I check his blog again and found this post (Chinese page). I smiled when I saw he installed all kinds of IIS log analysis software and paid great attention on his site ranking in Google and Alexa. It is exactly what a new blogger will feel before he reaches the first 1 million page view. I got the following page view graph from his public visitor tracking tool. Wow. See the huge increase of readership in the first half month? I didn’t see this sharp increase trends for many months. :-D


Image in courtesy of liuzhijian.net and nebstatbasic.com

Then I realized I still didn’t help Eddie to add a link yet. He must be disappointed when he cannot see a referral from my site for many days. Well. I want to make up the mistake to devote a special post for his site.

Eddie gathered a lot of interesting stuff on his site. Go and check the Korea video and the campus singer Koni from Fudan University. His topic is among the most popular interesting emails sending back and forth between close friends. I got such kind of emails everyday from friends – just for fun. So go there and have a look.

5 thoughts on “Eddie’s Blog

  1. His site looks like it would be great but my god it is heavy and takes a million years to open from Australia at least.


  2. To Steve: Hi, is it much easier to open my blog than liuzhijian’s in Australia? Please check it out for me. thank you in advance. :)

  3. Many thanks, JS. Just like what you said on blog yesterday – Wangjianshuo’s Blog is Famous. This page refers 71 visits until now.

    I really lost myself by digits these days and they are very alluring in some words. Anyway, as a private log, why not. I will make it more attractive, at least can attract me to read them when I’m getting old…

    To Steve: Is my blog very slow in Australia? It’s in the server room of Global Networks, Shanghai. What a pity that I cannot do something to improve it…

  4. Hi Jian Shuo,

    I just installed the MovableType 3.0 on my local machine with Apache Web Server. It seems working well, unless … the page is very ugly. Or in another word, the template is ugly. How did you create your blog site? Did you modify the template? Using what kind of tool? How do I add the category and pictures?


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