Nanyang Trip Report

In the last two days, I travelled to Nanyang (Wendy’s hometown) to visit her parents and family. We took the second day to Baotianman (宝天曼). It was fatanstic travel. Due to the limitation of Internet access speed (via GC75), I can only upload two pictures about the trip:

The Tianxin Cave (天心洞).


The water fall of Baotianman.


As you know, during travel, it is not easy to sort all the pictures taken and write full travelogue. I hope I can upload more after I am back to Shanghai. I start to miss my car in Shanghai and the newly built garden in the new apartment….

2 thoughts on “Nanyang Trip Report

  1. Nice! When you’ve a spare moment in Shanghai, would it be possible to post the exposure setting for “The Tianxin Cave” photo?

  2. Hi,

    we’re living in Nanyang for the year. We want to visit some natural areas. But we’re having trouble figuring out how to get to Baotianman from here. Our Chinese language skills are limited.

    From Nanyang long-distance bus station, which bus(es) did you take to Baotianman? And are there any hotels once you get there?


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