Luoyang Peony

Luoyang is famous for its penoy. Every April, millions of visitors will come to Luoyang to enjoy the colorful peony all around the city. I missed the chance this year. Thanks for my mom and aunt. They took pictures of some peony flowers for me so I can share with you all.

Red peony. The large flower is just unbelievablely beautiful.



15 thoughts on “Luoyang Peony

  1. Peony: I was just wondering if there is something that you can put in the soil to change the color of the Peony???

    I have five Peony plants and they all come from the same plant and each one is a little darker pink. I am looking a for someone that wants to trade a RED Peony plant for one of mine Pink ones. So that is why I was asking if there is something that I could put on the soil that will change the color of the Peony. thank-you Vicky

  2. Vicky, as I know, the color of penoy comes from the type of penoy, not the soil. However, people are putting different kinds of penoy on to the same plant so one penoy can have multiple colors.

  3. Jian,

    they are beautiful. just purchased a Luoyang Red peony and will be planting soon in wisconsin soil. Hopefully, someday i will be able to visit the city this wonderful flower was named after.

  4. Where on earth can you purchase peony plants (not wholesale – but for domestic use) in Shanghai!! Please —- anyone??

    Also, have you heard of peony trees? also looking….

  5. I am afraid it is not easy or suggested to buy peony. There are many peony flowers in the Shanghai Zhiwuyuan (Plant park? I don’t know the term to describe it), but it is not easy to raise them because it only grow well on certain latitude (around 30+ °C);

  6. We have in Denmark too, so perhaps some peony species are more resistant to a cold climate.

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