Digitally and Physically Move

The update of my blog is not as regular as before. Sorry for that – it is because of the move – the move in both the digital worlds and the real world.

Digital World

Due to the continous server outage of my old hosting, I switched my server to iPowerWeb. It was a painful experience for the migration but now, it seems everything back to normal. I checked the disclosure policy so I can share the email communication with iPowerWeb support, but this case was not responsed after they esclated three days ago. Anyway, the website goes back to normal and it may take some longer time (one week at least) for me to migrate the old applications to the new server.

Real World

I am physically moved my home from Puxi to Pudong. The following three month will be very tough period for me since the newly bought house is still in the decoration stage. The workers are busy installing the basic infrastructure into the house – the washroom, the kitchen… This sounds strange to my friends from outside China. Actually, most of the apartments in Shanghai are sold as bare (raw) houses. There are only walls (not well painted) in the house when the owners get the key. One has to hire decoration (or remodeling/re-construction) vender to paint the wall, install the water pipes, even the electronic power lines into the house. This typically cost two to three months. My journey of the remodeling just started.

Now I rented a house near the new house so I can easily take care of the new house in Pudong. There is no telephone line (OMG!) yet so I cannot update my blog easily at night as before. So you may found the new entries come in early morning (local time) other than late night as before.

I will post some pictures later, when the garden of the new house is not in a mass. :-D

12 thoughts on “Digitally and Physically Move

  1. All the Best!

    Supervising building contractors is far from a pleasant task. Hope things go smoothly for you.

  2. Looking forward to reading your transition from apartment living to house living.

  3. That does sound a little strange. Typically when you buy a new house here in the states, everything is included with the purchase price of the house. All appliances, plumbing and telephone lines are in place. The builder usually has a their own design center where they have interior paint, tile and carpet samples to choose from. Typically the builder will pay up to a certain amount, any upgrades from this amount come out of your own pocket (which usually happens). Before you move in you go down to the design center and pick the color of paint, carpet and tile, the builder has roughly 2 weeks to get everything finished, but may take longer if they have to wait for materials or they have to take care of a lot of customers.

  4. Greetings!

    I’m just amazed, about exploring your blog, and the much information you share about yourself. I found your blog while I was hunting some softwares for my cellphone, but back then I didn’t spent enough time to read about you. I see, you own a house now! It is very cool and exciting. For me it’s not supprising, that you have to reconstruct, and finish the confort things, because here in Hungary you can buy also finished houses, or a house “shell” (the basement, the walls and the roof), and finish it by yourself. So at these times you have a lot of work to do. Have a good time, and I hope, you finish your home soon.


  5. Congratulations, WJS. Own a property is another milestone of life.

    By the way, did you buy a house or an apartment(flat)?


  6. oh I know what it means to mean to other place. It is difficult period but on the other hand you can see how much stuff you have and to get unwanted things out of your way :)

  7. My husband and I just bought an apt here in Shanghai and am in the process of looking for a contractor/re-model/designer and we curious how you found yours? Are there resources that you used?

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