Life in Pudong Started

I have moved to Pudong last weekend and now drive to work at Xujiahui every day. The 16 KM distance costs about 40 minutes in the busy traffic in the morning. It is still not bad since I didn’t experience traffic jam so far.

Limited by the foreign plate (non-Shanghai plate), I cannot use the elevated highway in the morning, but it is not a big matter. I am convinced that the time I am not allowed to use the elevated highway is the time the policy don’t recommend people to use it. I have tried to get to the elevated road soon after the ban for me is lifted (7:30 AM to 9:30 AM, 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM), the elevated highway is still in a mass. It is something like a large parking lot, while the ground roads are still working. Thanks to the wide Zhao Jia Bang road connecting Nanpu bridge and Xujiahui, there are only red lights but no traffic jam. I believe after the Fuxing Rd. Tunnel between the Nanpu Bridge and the Yan’An East Road. Tunnel is completed, the road will be more easier to get through.

8 thoughts on “Life in Pudong Started

  1. Once you get stuck on the elevated highway, you’re in the middle of nowhere until you get the chance to the next exit. But probably it will take a while. Thus, it seems to me there are more options on the road.

    Congratulations to your moving!

  2. When you said you have moved to Pudong, do you mean you bought your new house in pudong? Did you sell your house in puxi?

  3. Congratulations on the move! I hope you post some photos of your new place. I was very impressed with the Pudong area, it is very similar to the way our communities are laid out over here in Southern California. The bummer is you have to commute to work and this may get harder as more people begin to own they’re own cars and start to move away from Puxi.

  4. Now I live and work at PUDONG.

    I think the traffic and the living environment at PUDONG is better than PUXI.

  5. Hoho, it’s no big deal~ I had an intern in Shanghai Stock Exchange this summer, so i hv 2 be “squeezed” from Meilong 2 Pudong during rushing hrs everyday…

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