Transit of Beijing Metro

I will never complain the transit station of Metro #1 and #2 – People’s Square Station, in Shanghai after I see the transit station of the Dong Zhi Men Station, where people transit to Metro line #13 from #2. The route is three times longer than in Shanghai.


© Jian Shuo Wang

As you can see from the map, people have to follow long stairs up, and enter the underground maze. There was even cross bridge underground (about two stories underground) and then follow a very long stairs up (about 100 stages of stairs). Then walk on the ground (what if it rains?). After finding the entrance, people have to go up with long stairs… Wow. It was really confusing. At the time I reached the area with three dots, I thought I should have arrived at the Metro #13 station. Actually, I just covered 1/3 of the trip.

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3 thoughts on “Transit of Beijing Metro

  1. Sounds like the Beijing Metro will keep the athletes in shape with all those stairs! Casn you tell me the extent of the lines currently operating in Beijing now. Aside from the older lines 1 & 2, I saw your reference to line 13 which I thought was a mostly above ground light city rail. Or is that Line 5? I have seen the map on It shows line 13 as two spurs off the top of either side of the loop line and line 5 as a north-south line bisecting the loop more on the eastern side. Are these lines actually in regular operation already? The official Metro pages show neither of these lines yet so I am concerned they may still be under construction or in testing stages only. Any guidance you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I can confiorm the comments about the interconnection and Dongzhimen station, it tok the best part of 10 minutes to make the connection and we even had to ask some local people wher the connection station was. The other end of the loop line is not quite so bad but you still have to come out of the station and cross a main road to the underground – and you need another ticket both ways you can’t use the normal ticket as line 13 has automatic ticket barriers. I can confirm that the loop is complete we made a complete trip around the loop on 3 June 2004.

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