Struggling for Parking Lot

I rent a car again these two days. I still don’t want to put out around 100,000 RMB to buy a car yet since the expensive to maintain a car in Shanghai is still far too expensive. The recent car plate reached 390,000 39,000 RMB (Thanks The King for finding out the typo) cost already. (Anyway, someone take it as another investment method with the rapid rise of the price)

Today, I moved around the downtown. I went to Xintiandi with my family and found an underground parking. It charges 5 RMB per hour. I was surprised that the price is already very low in that area. Last time, we went to the JC Mandarin hotel on the opposite side of the Shanghai Center. They charges 20 RMB for parking. Nearby underground parking in office buildings charges 10 RMB per hour. Some charges higher. The bigger problem for car owners is, there is not enough parking lots now. It is a big headache for me to find parking today. Drivers pull their car over to the road side and blocks the road. I did the same on South He Nan Road and waited there for several minutes for the arrival of the painting I bought in Yuyuan. It seemed there is no better options – if I go and find a better place to park, it may cost me 15 minutes to longer to get back to where I was. Anyway, the current situation is understandable and I saw the improvement in the last several years.

Beijing is a more friendly city for car owners. There are many free parking area in the city. If it charges, it charges for two RMB per hour or so. No to mention western areas in U.S.

Pudong is a New Shanghai

The situation in Pudong is much better. It is like Beijing. I can find many places to park for free and there is always parking lot available. In big shopping malls like Hymall, Nong Gong Shang and Lotus (both Pudong and Puxi), parking is free. They are very attractive for me. The several kilometers’ drive is well compensated by the free parking for my car. Well. I was so shocked to use the parking on the forth floor of Carrefour in Guibei Area. The slope is more than 30 degrees and I was very nervous as a new driver…

In Pudong, the roads are least as twice wide as in Puxi. The population is still far less than in Puxi so in many roads, there are barely no car (like Jin Xiu Road near the Centaury Park). The two areas are just like to cities with completely different life style.

8 thoughts on “Struggling for Parking Lot

  1. last time we drove to the center part of shanghai to buy something in the No.1 department store. and then we got 20 RMB for driving in the one-way road and 20 for parking. so actually it’s almost the same to take a taxi.

  2. I was not surprised to see that the parking fee charges 10 RMB per hour but surprised to know that car price of standard type costs a lot. Many new cars priced under 100,000 RMB are available in tokyo. I think automobile for personal use may not fit well with urban city life like Shanghai. Public transportation and taxi will be the best alternative becaue of less cost and less stress. Hope you will get a better deal soon.

  3. Once I parked the car outside a resturant to have a dinner. When I finished, I found the car is vanished. It was moved by Policeman.

    Finally I got a recipt of 200 RMB for this parking.

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  5. Does anyone know if there’s a map of Shanghai which shows where parkinggarages/underground parkingspace/ parkinglots etc. are? Or any information/data on parkingspace in Shanghai (on the internet?). I need this information because of a study on mobility in Shanghai. Any map-information on mobility is also usefull. So if you can give me some interesting links or if you have the information yourself, don’t hesitate to send it…

    Thank you



    The Netherlands

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