Bird Flu Hit China


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I heard the bird flu several weeks ago but wasn’t as worried as today. The Shanghai Morning Post reported the confirmed bird flu case in Guangxi and suspected cases in Hunan and Hubei. Tonight, the CCTV National News Program reported (Real video) the situation at 7:00 – 7:30 PM. All birds, ducks and chicken were killed in a three-km area around the place the cases were found.

Well done! I feel the society has become mature enough after the SARS crisis last April and May. They are skillful enough to handle this kind of situation. The media also responded quick enough to cover it. I am feeling much safer than I was in last Feb. Let’s wait and see the progress. Till now, Shanghai is still free of Bird Flu, according to local media.

5 thoughts on “Bird Flu Hit China

  1. Bird flu is a strong influenza of bird. Bird can migrate everywhere, and the flu may go in hog body, mutate and become a hybrid flu affecting human body. Unless effective vaccine, it may become SARS again. it’s not only a problem in Asia, but may become a global issue… Let’s keep hope.

  2. SARS continues to hurt the economies of where it hit like Toronto.

    If bird flu makes it way to North America it would likely have devestating long terms effects on the economy.

  3. I am giong to China June 1,is there any need to worry? I will be going to Beijing, cruising the Yangtze river, going to Xian,Chongqing and Shanghai. Tx. c. v.

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