My City, My Bus Stop Project

I started the My City, My Bus Stop project last weekend. It is inspired by the Degree Confluence Project – a project aiming to visit and take picture of each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world. I am thinking of a project to visit all the bus stops in Shanghai, take a picture and write simple description about it. The temporiy home page is hosted here.

You may have noticed that I put a small icon on my home page. It links to the nearest bus stop of where I live.

I believe it is a great idea if many people (especially bloggers) join in to take pictures of the bus stop and add themselves to the database. They will form local communities around each bus stop…

The system is currently hosted on Wiki engine. It is a good way for online collaboration. Any one, yes, anyone who can see the page, can edit the page and add their own comment on the page. That is the power of Wiki.

4 thoughts on “My City, My Bus Stop Project

  1. hi jian shuo, our own project just kicks off!


    1. do you have the related statistics, like how many bus lines in this city and how many bus stops totally?

    2. shall we review it time to time that how far to accomplish the whole project or just do it then wait & see?

  2. Hehe. It just get started and I am thinking of an idea to make the real time statisstics available. Now you can begin to edit any page on the site now.

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