Salary in Shanghai

Before talking about salary, check the Living Cost in Shanghai (and Part II).

Average salary is very hard to tell, since it varies greatly based on lots of factors.

The Enterprise Type You Work For

Nation Owned Enterprises pays very low, something around 1000 – 2000 RMB. For people looking for salary information on Internet, you don’t need to take it into consideration since you don’t like them (for the low salary) and they don’t like people like you (since they don’t has the flexibility to hire you). :-D Of cause, they are changing these days.

Most higher salary jobs exist in foreign owned company and private held companies. According to this report, the average annual salary for white-collar workers in Shanghai is 38,447 RMB (US$ 4,632).

For Fortune 500 companies, like Intel, Microsoft, HP, IBM, people are paid higher. Should be 100K to 200K RMB / year for employees.

Executives are paid very high. I heard a GM position of an IT company is 2 million RMB per year.

A lot of foreigner get U.S. or Europe local pay and dispatched to Shanghai to work. For them, Shanghai will be paradise considering the exchange rate. Foods and drinks are labeled almost the same number (or 50%) higher than that in U.S. The difference is, in U.S, the unit is USD and in Shanghai, it is RMB. The exchange rate is around 8 RMB = 1 USD.

People coming here from U.S should expect lower income since the living cost is much more lower than in U.S. The low living cost has been nominated as top 10 things expats love about Shanghai.


According to the last regulation (Chinese site)

Monthly income:

<500 5% 500-2000 10% 2000-5000 15% 5,000-20,000 20%

20,000-40,000 25%

40,000-60,000 30%

60,000-80,000 35%

80,000-100,000 40%

>100,000 45%

The portion below 1000 RMB in Shanghai do not need to pay tax. (It is 1000 RMB for Beijing, 1600 RMB for Shenzhen and 800 RMB for the rest part of China).


For example, if someone get 100K annual salary (already pretty good), that is 8333 RMB/month. (Some companies pay salaries in 13 months with one month double pay.) After tax (20%), he/she gets 6666 RMB. Update: Run corrected me that the tax is not calculated as 20% of salary directly.

The portion of salary you need to pay tax = 8333 – 1000 = 7333 RMB

The tax you need to pay = 500 * 5% + (2000 – 500) * 10% + (5000 – 2000) * 15% + (7333 – 5000) * 20% = 1091.6 RMB

You get 6242 RMB. (Thanks goes to Run, Ginn and JH to help me correct all the errors. I believe this version is the correct one)

How he/she will spend the money?

  1. Rent. Typically, he/she will need to pay of rent of 1000 – 1200 RMB – a typical room people from this salary rage will choose.
  2. Transportation. 3 RMB for single way Metro –> 6 RMB per day –> 180 RMB per month. Should also consider occasional taxi – additional 50 RMB.
  3. Mobile and Internet. Should be 200 RMB in total if the person is not too talkative.
  4. Utilities. Utilities is nothing compared to other expense. 100 RMB or so.

So he/she should still have some money (around 4000 RMB) for eating out, shopping, and clothes… That is life of a well-paid white collar in Shanghai.

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  1. Very insightful.

    It might be interesting for visitors to this blog to learn about how servicing a mortgage would affect your calculations.

    Say a white-collared couple with a joint monthly income of RMB20,000. They recently bought an apartment for RMB 1,000,000, & spent RMB250,000 on decorations, etc. Assuming they paid RMB200,000 upfront (typicaly 20%?) for the property, & the furnishing expenses, out of their savings, & have therefore taken out a RMB800,000 mortgage (typically for 10 years?), how would they fare?

  2. The tax is not calculated the way you described.

    800 RMB for tax-starting.(1200 RMB for Beijing now, I’m not sure the value of Shanghai, maybe 1000 RMB)

    That is you only need to pay tax for (8333 – 1000) of 8333.

    500 * 5% + (2000 – 500) * 10% + (5000 – 2000) * 15% + (7333 – 5000) * 20% = 1091.6 RMB

    8333 – 1091.6 = 7241.4 RMB

    And you may pay some fund to your account before tax, about 10% of your salary.

  3. WilliamW, it is complecated to calculate the mortage stuff. RMB800,000 mortgage is a big number for them. I remember a RMB 540K RMB mortage of 15 years requires monthly pay of around 3400 RMB (it is combined with commerical mortage and the public housing fund mortage). You pay about 610K RMB for the house…

  4. Thanks for the helpful figures.

    The exceptional property price increase in the last few years has to an extent been fueled by young people, especially those in their mid- to late 20’s, taking out sizable commercial mortgages to acquire their first homes. Now it seems affordability has worsened significantly since salary raises have far lagged property price increases. Fair observation?

  5. Ok im sorry guy but i would like to make some correction here. Not about the calcule but more about how much it cost to live here.

    I dont know much expatriate who lives in a room for 1000 – 1200 RMB . It must be a really small room.most of people i know can find an appartment around 2500 to 3000 and 4000 if they want to be comfortable.

    The subway its fine i agree with you but 6 yuans a day youwont go far and most of the them ill say that you have to take taxi and there is the big difference cause the meter bring the bill high really fast.

    Mobile its 100 yuans for a card that fill your phone of units and internet its also an other issue cause it can be easy to go over our expectation.

    you right for utilities they are cheap.

    One thing you have’nt talk about its the food and drink on most of foreigner case its the first and more expensive thing. A restaurant (not chinese) easily 70 to 100 yuans with onedrink. A beer 20 yuans if you go to windows 2 but most of the place its 30 to 40 yuans its some stuff that you have to prepare cause 4 beers a months and you’ve spend more then your internet so .

    On the other hand i agree with you that if you ready to live with 8 000 a month its possible but you have to be ready to do a lot of concession.

    Its a fact that you can live there for that money but are you ready for it thats an other question.

    Anyway hope to make it more clear for people by showing an other side of the life in shanghai then the one you’ve shown.

    Shanghai its really a nice and enjoyable city no worry you will like it but i do think that you need between 15 to 20 yuans a months to enjoy it and be comfortable.

  6. Hi,

    I’ just found your site (and as lot’s of people before me said: ). It’s extremely usefull.

    My question about this matter is now… I live in Belgium. In Belgium you pay about 50% taxes on your wage. Many people will fall dead by hearing that rate. But it’s still pretty much you get (I get like 1200 euro/month). Now where are those taxes used for? For like when you retire, you get paid by the nation (it’s part of the sum you had to give as a tax while you were working). You get something like a sickness-fund. This is when you are sick, you can get paid as if you were still working (up to x days, I’m not sure exactly).

    And now my question ;). Is this about the same in China/Shanghai? I mean, can I spend everything and when I retire still get a small wage to live from the nation, or do I need to save my bucks for when I’m old?

    What types of insurances do I need to take when I would move?

  7. Steven, it is almost the same in Shanghai after the insurance reform. You put part of your salary into your personal insurance account and when you retire, you can get money from the government every month.

    However, the money you get from the government may not be enough. Many people with higher salary than the average salary line of Shanghai will buy some commerical life insurances. Big names like AIA have been in the Shanghai market for many years.

  8. pl tell me abt mortages , can a foreigner apply for home loan of 1 yrs when his current job contract is for 1 or 2 yrs

  9. WJS,

    I have been reading your blog for a while. Very good job, especially for you who is living in a non-English-speaking place. Pls keep going…


    from New York

  10. hey,

    where do those figures come from? and how do i read them? the percentages add up to 225 %. And the highest percentage for the highest income seems unlikely.

    Monthly income:

    100,000 45%

    does anyone have reliable numbers um pensions in rich and poor chinese provinces? would be grateful.



  11. oh,

    sorry, i just saw it concerns the taxes.

    are there any numbers of distribution of income in shanghai and other provinces? and i am still looking for pension payments…



  12. nice job man! you know better than me. Although I am shanghainese , I left there for a couple years.

    I learn a lot of new stuff from your article.

  13. Anyone have a link to some homepage that foreigners can understand about the taxation in China (Shanghai) ?

  14. Life in shanghai,

    Well i wasnt really living there but i was there about 4-5 times in the last year, and i have to tell you i dont think you can have a nice life for 8000 RMB, im sure you can live but not nicely, if you go to a nice club its easily goes to 500 RMB a night (not using drugs, if you like those your in a bit of a problem).

    if you wanna use public transportation maybe its cheap but the buses are CROWDED to death at times and im sure youde use taxi’s alot, they are also very cheap but it be atleast like 50 RMB a day ATLEAST.

    you can eat chinese food for very cheap , BUT if you set foot in hagen daz (just to have some proper ice cream it would cost you around 50-100 for a cone), so those 8000 can only strech that much… i can tell you that some chinese i know make a living with half that money but they are not spoiled western people like those likely to read this.


  15. Alon, Shanghai is a mixed city with different life styles. If you know the average monthly salary in Shanghai is 1340 RMB, you know it is possible to make a living in Shanghai with half or one quarter of the 8000 RMB you talked about. It is true that price of drinks in bars are expensive and local people with poor salary cannot afford it. Fortunately, they can still keep alive without bars or icecream.

  16. Living NICELY. It is such a splendidly subjective term. Are you talking about quality of life? Each of us measure this thing differently, unbelievably vastly different. Some measure it by square footage, some by fluid onces, some by laughters, or tears, some by frequency of divorces, or the lack thereof, some by number of cones, others by the lack thereof, some by earnings, some by how much is spent, some, get this, by how little is spended. You get the drift, Alon? By the way, some measure it by how “cultural” he/she can speak, others, like you, couldn’t care less.

  17. We are looking for native speakers of English, English teachers at a newly opened Foreign Language Institute in Shanghai, Lombai. Our students are from Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan area. American teachers with experiences preferred. Moreover, we are looking for teachers who are studying in Shanghai for a master’s or doctor’s degree. We’d like to find a teacher who can do fulltime job with more than 6 months. (30 hours per week. (from Mon. to Sat. )) Please E-mail your resume, expected salary and contact. We can offer residence and Chinese language lectures 10 hours a week. Contacts E-mail: .

  18. most office girls in their 20’s (working in those shining-looking skyscrepers) make 3000-4000rmb/mth, they still live qutie well (owning their own flats, etc – bear in mind that housing cost is so high these days)…wondering how they make it…they all marry rich?? :P

  19. Thanks for the interesting discussion on your forum, perhaps you can assist me. I am interested in getting into an IT project management or Call Centre senior manager type position – what are the opportunities like, also I have a wife and 3 small children and would like to know how feasible this would be to live (we come from South Africa – Cape Town). I do not have a degree, but have experience in the insurance, IT industry and a project management diploma. What are the possibilities of finding good jobs

    Regards Murray

  20. Hi!

    I’ve been offered a marketing position with a foreign company in shanghai, but was shocked to hear that the salary is only 10,000RMB before tax, plus a 1000RMB monthly accomodation allowance.

    To me this seems ridiculous, and something not worth even considering, as it’s less than I earn working part-time, just 10hours per week, here in London.

    What are your thoughts? Would I be able to live comfortably on this? Would there be enough money to have a social life outside of work? What kind of accomodation would I find for 1000RMB/month? Would it be nice?

    Any comments will be HUGELY appreciated! I only have a limited amount of time before I have to make a decision and sign a contract!

    Thank you,


  21. Here in Norway we are well payed! For a worker in a shop you get about 20 USD .As a teacher 26-30 Usd, fabric worker 25 USD, as a IT worker 30-50 USD. All for 1 hour work.

    We work 36-40 hours a week and pay 28-32% tax. If you are ill and can`t work for some days/weeks/months you recive full pay. Up to 1 year. But the prices are very high here.

    To buy a flat (2 rooms + kitchen) 190.000 – 220.000 USD. A beer 10 USD, a pizza in a restaurant 20-30 USD, one way with the underground 3 USD. But the air is very clean, we are free and can do and say and write whatever we wants.

  22. Found your website to be quite helpful — thank you very much!

    If someone can answer my question though, we could all benefit.

    For those who are interested, the tax for the annual bonus which WAS calculated as a separate monthly salary has been changed. From Jan 2005, you divide the annual bonus by 12 to find the top marginal tax rate – quick deduction factor e.g.

    RMB 360,000 /12 = 30,000 so tax rate is 25%

    36,000 x25% – RMB 1,375 = RMB 88,625

    (found the example in

    I found on 2 accountancy firm’s 2005 website “According to Chinese Individual Income Tax laws, Expatriates enjoy a standard deduction of RMB 4,000.” Beijing Local Taxation Bureau 2003 states “The taxpayers who have no domiciles in China but earn wages and salaries from China or who have domiciles in China and earn wages and salaries from outside China may enjoy additional expense deductions in addition to the regular monthly deduction in computing the taxable income.”

    BUT… with foreigners or HKers renting a flat in Shanghai who have salaries+bonuses paid in PRC, I don’t think we have Expat status, so I’m guessing we’ll not eligible for the above additional deductions. Need clarification. HELP?

  23. Hi, I am a fresher with a Master Degree in Engineering. I may get a job in shanghai soon. I dont know how much my salary will be. This is an European company and the postings will be in the Research and Development side. How much can I expect as a fresher??

    Thanks in advance

  24. Hello,

    I have a 4 year college degree and am currently working in New York as an full-time employee. I would like to find a job in Shanghai as an overseas full-time employee (who is assigned to work in shanghai with a US salary equivalent). Do you have any helpful information about this kind of job hunting? If you have any website dedicate to this job search would also be great. Thank you very much.



  25. Hi….I think the work done on this page is marvelous….I am due to move to shanghai sometime in March…can someone guide me about which place is best and reasonable to live….my office will b at Hongqiao Road….what kind of apartments do you get for around 2500 RMB’s and so on…..

  26. Good job indeed,

    I understand well your different points of vue. And i agree with your figures (but only if you are chinese).

    After a charming 6 months period of adventure, discovery, and excitement, Any foreigner in Shanghai will aspire to different things as local people. Being abroad has to be advantageous in a way or an another. We (foreigner) like different foods, sports, occupations, hobbies, and have different needs.


    10,000 Rmb is just what need a 25+ years old foreigner in Shanghai to live correctly, without saving any money and without travelling through China-Asia.

    When you just get out of student life, it should be easier… but Rmb 7,000 is a real minimum for any foreigner in Shanghai.

    If you are able to get 15K then life is becoming much more comfortable.


    3years in Shanghai have made me well aware of what’s acceptable or no in a long time.

    4600 rmb is the correct monthly deduction amount for tax calculation for foreigners in Shanghai…

  27. I have been offered a job in shanghai and pay is 15,000.00 Rmb, is this a good offer? rent is not free.

    Please let me know, I have to give an answer to them soon.



  28. Hi, it’s a great site. Very useful. Thanks for putting this all together. Would you mind telling me how much these big MNC’s are paying for a lean engineer for an R&D post. Thanks.

  29. Dear Jianshuo, this is a really informative website. Thanks for setting it up.

    I have a question and I hope you or other community members can offer some advice – I am a Singapore lawyer and I have been offered a job as in-house legal counsel at a semi-conductor firm based in Shanghai. It looks like a big firm. I have been asked about my required salary – does anyone know how much is the market rate for in-house legal counsel?

    Thanks so much,


  30. Dear Jianshuo, i have always been interested in the Food & Beverage Industry in Shanghai. There are some questions by which i wish to ask.

    1. What are the popular food and dining trends in Shanghai?

    2. What is the average pay of a food and beverage manager?

    3. For a food shop, can u give me an insight on the rental and lease agreement for info?

    4. Where are the popular malls in Shanghai?

    5. Wireless Internet. Are the telecommunications networks able to support WI FI as yet?

    Hope you can help?


  31. 1.chinese food.

    coffee shop,tea house,

    4. nanjin west Road,hua hai Road

    5.the telecommunications network is able to support wi fi .


  32. Amen, bigbro, on what’s considered “living nicely”. there are many other aspects of living than finances.

    anybody can shed some light on how much a tax manager in a big 4 firm is getting paid in shanghai? i’ll need a starting point for negotiation soon. thanks a lot!

  33. Hi

    I have got a Scientist position in Shanghai with the pay of RMB10,000 per month.

    Is this salary a reasonable one ?

    Then my wife is working as a medical transcriptionist ? can she get a some kind of job there in Shanghai ?



  34. hi this is just a information , i will mouve to shanghai in the nex months for work and , im wondering howmuch is for a top cut and blow dry in one of the top hairdresser in shanghai??? i know that can sound silly but hey i look after my apperance …….. thank you very much whisch all a great 2007 ciao ciao

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  36. Very cool blog! I think Jian Shou must be a very kind guy. Just visit this website by chance, and i want to say something about the living in Shanghai.

    I am a Chinese, and working in a US firm in Shanghai. I absolutely agree we could either live with RMB 1000 per month, or RMB 20K per month. Everybody has his/her own way to deal with their lifes. I don’t earn much in the firm, but still could has some money to go to the cinema, or starbucks, or pizza hut, sometimes, Hargen Daz as well. However, it all depends how you spend your money. I think for the person under the age of 25, it is acceptable for them to earn less than RMB5,000 per month, but after 25 year-old, it should have some promotion, as they need to save money for house or car.

    If you guys wanna know some more info about Shanghai, i’d like to help, Msn:

  37. Hi,

    I am currently working in London and plan to move to China soon for my own biz soon. I try to get a picture of the salary level I should pay for my people.

    I would like to verify that my calculation for income tax as a foreigner in SH is correct.

    Let’s say if my gross annual salary is 600K and gross monthly income is 50K.

    My deduction as a foreigner is RMB 4,800 according to the new regulation. which has been effective since 2006. then my montly taxable income is RMB 45200, which falls into the catergory of 30% income tax.

    If I calculate tax based on the progressive table,

    500*0.05+(2,000-500)*0.1+(5,000-2,000)*0.15+(20,000-5,000)*0.2+(40,000-20,000)*0.25+(45200-40000)*0.3 = 10185

    Income Tax Payable = RMB 10,185.

    Net Income = 50,000 – 10,185 = RMB 39,815

    If I calculate tax using the quick deduction,

    (50000-4800)*0.3 – 3375 = 10,185

    Income Tax Payable = RMB 10,185

    Net Income = 50,000 – 10,185 = RMB 39,815

    As two numbers are matched, it seems correct. Can anyone confirm?

  38. is the figures updated. since today is 2007 and that info is from 2004. thanks for help.

  39. i’m in Guangdon right now. Normally their monhtly salary is low 500-1000rmb, even in a office position is around 2000rmb. Stuff in expensive for them for instance 6rmb for 2-way subway, a 12oz coke cost 2rmb?, Gasoline is expensive for them it almost same price like USA. THey use liter to count, 40liter(10.5gal) gasoline cost 200RMB(that is like a 1 week salary). no1 can afford a car becuz it can cost 6K per year to maintain a car(even without driving). A car like Camry, Accord, or import car can cost over 300k+ rmb (with 12K salary per year, no1 can afford a car)

    Ever wonder why when u go to a store there is so many employer? czu their salary is like 35-40rmb per day. Mostly they only got 1 day off per month. Stuff in there is very unbalance like a good looking cellphone can cost them 2month salary.

  40. This is a great website and answered most of my doubts about life in Shanghai. I just started to work here for a couple of days, earning an expat salary. But it surprised me a lot that food/clothing/rent is not really cheaper from where i come from, and I always wondered how the local people people live here. I guess I need to start digging about places that local people go.

    Also, people here work like crazy. I am in the architectural field, and have worked in New York before, and not even new yorkers spend so much time just working. People in China are indeed hardworking. I haven’t even had the time to explore the city! Hope things get better once I settled…

    Agree with Song Li about the unbalanced salary earning/expenditure. I think people here (because they work too hard) they need to motivate themselves by spending, and most of the time they spend more than what is rational according to their salary.

  41. I totally agree with RChen. When I was in China, I worked really hard as well as other people, while I am in US right now, since almost everybody leave after 5:00pm, so did I.

    I can’t imagine the intensity of work and the huge wage difference can exist for too long.

    It is going to have a huge correction soon…

  42. Exactly. People in Shanghai face huge pressure, and they work very hard. You can imagine the life in the commercial center in the fast growing country. This is the reality, although I have a hard time to predict the future.

  43. Can anyone me what should be the salary of a Deputy General Manager / General Manager with 12 years of experience in Shanghai / Guangzou? The industry type is european / american Automotive company. Is the housing or car allowance are included in this package or not?

    What is the income tax %age for a foreigner working in China?

    What is the rent for 1/2 bedroom apartment in these two cities at a decent location?

    What is the decent living expenses ?

    Send this information……………..



  44. i was working in Dubai , as recpectianist , i came to china , to get good jop , my native langauge is arabic , and speak english ,and a little germany , i cam to beijing but too hard to have jop and most of people speak not speak English , can i find good jop with good salary in Shanghai , and what about language it’s necassery to know chinese , and what ‘s beter shanghai or guangzu , or beijing , i need money to can study abroad , i hop to advise me

  45. hi

    i will be going to shangai to work in logistics in senior level i have been working for the last 10 yrs pls suggest the expected salary

  46. Hi, interesting site and plenty of food for thought. Wonder if I may throw a question into the mix concerning tax. Just been offered a post in Shanghai at a salary of 340,000 RMB per year. I also have accommodation provided. The company hiring me has stated that I will be taxed at 17%. Looking at the data offered here, I should be taxed at 25%. Any ideas?

  47. your total CPF should be 16% ,you will pay 8% and another 8% pay by your employer

  48. I am wondering if you can help me to calculate the tax payable and net pay after tax based on the following 2 scenarios:

    1) monthly salary RMB38000 and rent an apartment at RMB11000 per month

    2) monthly salary RMB38000 and rent an apartment at RMB 6000 per month

    Many thanks

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  50. Hello and thank you very much for this information – very helpful indeed Jian.

    I’ve noticed you wrotte it back in 2004, does it still represent the reality of working in cities like Shangai or Beijing?

  51. HI, I really need information..

    I got an offer job for internship in shanghai for 6 months. Each months they will pay me 600 euro. I’m currently just graduated in master degree in Milan.

    DO you think i could find any share apartement like around 100 – 150 euro / month, where my office location are around changle road, shanghai.. or, what is your reccomendation for me to stay.. which district/ area that i could get a rent around 100 – 150 euro.

    What about the meal ? is it possible like in 1 week, i will spend for meal around 15 – 20 euro ( 150 RMB ) ?? or it will be more than that..

    What about the transportation..

    please help me, becoz.. i have to make decision before i sign the contract :)

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  53. Hi Friends,

    I am shifting my family to Shanghai in June & I will be getting 13K CNY Per month.

    Is this OK for a family of 3, me , my wife & sone of 6 months???

    Please help me guys


  54. Hi Yogi,

    does the employer pay for your accomodation, meals and transportation?

    Well, these 3 elements matter a lot.

  55. Hi, I would like to ask about costings in Shanghai

    1) What is the percentage of CPF for employee and is this to be extracted from wages ?

    What is the percentage of CPF to be contributed by employer ?

    2) Is Income tax a once-a-year payment ? Do I need to pay tax for apartment’s rental ?

    3) Any other taxes besides CPF and Income tax ?

    4) Is it compulsory for company to pay for work permit’s charges and offer medical insurance ?

    5) If the company doesn’t want to pay for permit, how much are the charges for first-time and renewal ?

    6) What kind of benefits should I ask ?

  56. Hi,

    1) How much does the broadband fees in Shanghai Costs?

    2) What is the average utilities fees in Shanghai for a 3 bed rooms apartment at around 200 sq meters for 3 persons (2 adults and 1 child at 6 months).

    3) How much does it costs to engage a car with a driver?

    Thank you

  57. Hi Jianshuo,

    I’ve postulated for a senior managment job Asia, what is located in Shanghai, but in a global position,

    but unfortunately it would be a local contract at Shanghai in this global Company (Swiss based).

    And that’s why I need your help:

    Can you tell me what I can ask in the contract negotiations:

    – Salary

    – Accommodation

    – Health insurance

    – payed holidays

    – other advantages

    I’m a belgian chimistry engenieer with 7-8 years of working experiance (31 years old) and I speak a little mandarin.

    For the moment I work for the same company in Germany.

    Thank you very much for your help

  58. Hi Jianshuo,

    I’ve postulated for a senior managment job Asia, what is located in Shanghai, but in a global position,

    but unfortunately it would be a local contract at Shanghai in this global Company (Swiss based).

    And that’s why I need your help:

    Can you tell me what I can ask in the contract negotiations:

    – Salary

    – Accommodation

    – Health insurance

    – payed holidays

    – other advantages

    I’m a belgian chimistry engenieer with 7-8 years of working experiance (31 years old) and I speak a little mandarin.

    For the moment I work for the same company in Germany.

    Thank you very much for your help

  59. Hi Jianshuo,

    I’ve postulated for a senior managment job Asia, what is located in Shanghai, but in a global position,

    but unfortunately it would be a local contract at Shanghai in this global Company (Swiss based).

    And that’s why I need your help:

    Can you tell me what I can ask in the contract negotiations:

    – Salary

    – Accommodation

    – Health insurance

    – payed holidays

    – other advantages

    I’m a belgian chimistry engenieer with 7-8 years of working experiance (31 years old) and I speak a little mandarin.

    For the moment I work for the same company in Germany.

    Thank you very much for your help


  60. i am a driver ! i was 31 years old !i living in pudong new area shanghai ! i can speaking english ! i knew shanghai very vell and suzhou sity …! i had worked for three boss ! i had the mpv cars! if any boss need the driver ,please call me !thanks !my phone number is 13774316211

  61. Hello All, I am about to move to Yiwu, I would be the responsible of a trading company which is originally iranian and also i am willing to manage a cargo compnay too in yiwu, i am also from iran.

    i am not pretty sure how much they will offer for my monthly salary,

    but i am single 30y/ could you please let me know how much would be a good salary for those abovementioned positions with or without accomodation /meal and transport? i m not sure if compnay will pay for those, so let me know how much is good as net salary per month and how much is also my monthly average expenses for a 1 BR flat + meal and transport , (seperately plz)

    i am a Business Administration problem graduate and have a very great knowledge of Whole IT / FRENCH/ENGLISH/SPANISH/FARSI/TURKISH

    thank you

  62. Hi All

    How much tax would I pay per month on 70,000 gross a month ?

    I really need to know the net pay before I make a decision to move or not.

    Thank you

  63. I have lived in shanghai for several years,the cost there is awfully high,for instance,house renting,food and transportation are extra expensive.If someone can earn over 10k in shanghai per month,you cant save too much monthly,if you are married,the living cost will become much higher than single.What a terrific metropolis!Therefore many granduates have left big cities for 2 or 3-tie cities because at least consumption is less higher,besides they can save more money to support their families.

  64. I am going to Shanghai for internship( International student for 6 months) and I am going to get 5000RMB per month.I am a student and thus requirements are not high..I can stay in a shared apartment)still a good one) , manage cooking at home and some partying but not much during weekends, How much approximately I can save 1200-1500RMB.
    Also what do i have to do about health insurance????

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