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My readers and I suffer greatly from the navigation structure of this website. The two to three years of continuous adding content to the site left hundreds of pages of content with no particular order. The current category feature of MovableType is not strong enough to hold the 400 articles – I cannot add more categories since the top navigation bar is almost full and the number of entries in a category keeps increasing.

Today, I claim the end of this nightmare. I included the hirechy directory into the website. I spent some time to put all the articles into the directory and sub directories. The directory makes it clearer to me and easier to find a particular article. What do you think?

I choose Gossamer Threads Inc.‘s Link 2.0. It is a great product! I love the authoring and publishing mechanism instead of rendering the pages on the fly. MovableType and Link 2.0 are both cute.

In the next few days, I will integrate the two sites (home… and www… together seamlessly with the directory service and deploy the new navigation bar (with only directory, forum links).

I believe this directory to my website is just like I.M. Pei’s glass pyramid to the LOUVRE.


Credit: I.M. Pei’s Pyramid

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