To 30N 119E

I decided to explorer the degree confluence point of 30N 119E. According to the website, it is 7.4 km (4.6 miles) N of Qiuyuan, Zhejiang, China

with approx. altitude of 581 m (1906 ft). I spent some time in the book store to find out the Chinese name for Qiuyuan. It is 秋源.

I will be there in about two week. Sebastian has been so kind to alow me to use his GPS for one week. Thanks Sebastian.

My Resources

Before I go, I have collected the following resources and it may be of help. (All of them are in Chinese)

Shangxi Village. From the description, I believe the “7.4km north of Qiuyuan” should be some where near Shangxi Village. I checked the two villages and learnt that Shangxi 上西 and Qiuyuan all belong to the Pingmen 屏门, Chunan 淳安 county, Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

Also on Shangxi. Seems it is a famous place already. There are more than 12 waterfall there.

Qiuyuan Map

I was surprised that a map company in Euro has so detailed map for China. It is also the only map I found on the Internet to mark Qiuyuan. It is marked as Ch’iu Y√ľan there. It seems it is the German style translation (note the two dots on u? ?.


  1. Have a safe and interesting trip!

    Are Sebastian and his friends current German students at SJTU? His site provides an interesting perspective on Shanghai.

  2. Yes. Sebastian studies in SJTU now.

  3. Is it the place you mentioned to me this noon? In qian dao Hu?

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