Shanghai Metro #5 (Xin Min Light Rail)

The Shanghai Metro Line #5 (a.k.a Xin Min Light Rail) started trial operation this Tuesday. The 17.2 km light rail run from Xin Zhuang (the terminal station of Metro Line #1) to Min Hang. This means the Metro line extends to the south Shanghai and connect the city with the satelite city of Min Hang.

I am particularly interested in the station near the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Min Hang Campus. I studied there for two years from 1995 to 1996 before I moved to the Xu Hui Campus. At the time I set my foot onto the campus, I have heard the news that a Metro line will connect the campus to the central part of the city. We waited and it didn’t happen in the two years we were there. The commute is a very big problem for students there. Getting onto the smelly and tightly packed Xu Min Line is nightmare for us especially for rush hours of Friday night or Sunday afternoon, when students living in Shanghai leave or return to the campus.

Now, the Dong Chuan Road Station is just at the corner of Dongchuan Road and Xumin Road. Although it is still about 5-minute walk to the gate of the campus and more time to dorm, it is already very convienient for the current Minhang campus student. :-) It only takes 30 minutes for the whole journey.

Anyway, it is a good news for everyone.

The newly added Metro #5 is shown as puple on the left-bottom corner of Shanghai Metro Map

Moscow Fire

My best wishes go to those who lost their beloved children in the Moscow Fire. Among the victims, there are 9 Chinese students and 4 more are still missing. May God bless them all….. //sign

2 thoughts on “Shanghai Metro #5 (Xin Min Light Rail)

  1. The No.5 Light Rail is not that helpful to SJTU students…It’s still faraway from the station to the school gate, and for now its frequence is far from expected… only every 25 minutes.

    It is said that SJTU was asked to pay a certain amount of money to have a subway stop just before the school gate, but our very beloved school leaders chose not to pay that money. Students still have nightmare rushing onto the school bus or dangerous xu min bus, while SJTU always talks about its “yi ren wei ben”…

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