My Digital IQ = 190

Stonese’s comment on my Starbucks page led me to his blog (Chinese site). Really interesting to read all the funny stuff he has gathered. I was interested in the analysis of the Xi’an Anti-Japanese movement (via Kairen) and the Ditigal IQ Test on MSN.

Here are some sample questions among the 68 questions in the test. I also posted my explanation since it is a good way of explore my digital world. I agree that it really reflect one’s Digitial IQ. :-) Very interesting!

  • Do you buy computer online?

    No. Ecommerce in China is not that advanced now. I only buy CD and book online. BTW, I bought my last computer four years ago when I didn’t even buy book online.

  • Do you have broadband Internet access at home? Yes. I had Great Wall broadband at the beginning and then switched to ADSL from China Telecom.
  • Do you open attachments from people you don’t know?

    Never. I don’t open attachment with .exe extension from any of my friend either.

  • Do you have Wi-Fi Internet access on your laptop?

    Yes. Happen to have embedded wireless NIC in my Dell laptop

  • Do you know the closest free “hot spot”?

    Yes. There is no free hot spot in the area I live, but I know the nearest Starbucks, where you can access the Internet using the Tian Yi Tong I subscribed.

  • Do you use wireless Internet access while on the road? No. I don’t often do so. I do have experience to access the Internet using GPRS of my Alcatel OT715
  • Do you use your cell phone to access the Internet?

    Yes. I have WAP in my current mobile phone. I also play with Wendy’s SmartPhone Dopod 515

  • What does the “MP” in MP3 stand for?

    Moving Picture. Haha. Although MP3 is popular, seldom shall people know it is Moving Pictures for the MP. What is the relationship of Moving Picture with music? Hehe. It is a long story to tell.

  • Have you ever written a virus?

    Yes. Very small virus that is too dangerous and too easy to be killed. It was in the DOS era in my university. A ten line .BAT file that copy itself to all the shared (Novell) network folder and then make a copy of the current parent folder, then make copy of the resulting folder again, util the disk is full. :-( I was so naughty in the old times.

  • With today’s software, the amount of memory doesn’t matter as much?

    No. I don’t think so, but I know some people who think so.

  • I have a Weblog

    Yes. If you don’t know yet, it is at

  • At least five other Weblogs are linked to mine

    Yes. 553 website link to and 326 website link to (There are duplicates in the result but I heard Google return result from websites above PR3 only for link: function) Most among them are blog sites.

  • Do you have a home network?

    Yes. It also went wireless on June 17, 2003.

  • When you meet someone new, do you Google them?

    Yes. Yes. I do. Those guys behind the questionnaires are genius! How can they think of such interesting question. I do Google new friends to learn more about them if I think he/she has a high Digital IQ.

  • Have you installed Google toolbar?

    Yes. I cannot live without Google. My homepage is also set to Google.

  • Do you have dual monitors hooked up to your PC?

    Yes. I connect my monitor (big CRT monitor) into the dock of my laptop. So every morning, when I dock my laptop into the dock, the CRT shows the screen and I begin to use my keyboard and mouse on the desktop instead of the mini laptop. My laptop is powerful though. Some times, when I do a copy or backup things, I will configure to use two monitors together – just extend the main monitor to the other.

Why not have a try and know your Digital IQ? Of cause, do treat it as a joke instead of serious psychology test.

9 thoughts on “My Digital IQ = 190

  1. Hi Wang:

    You Digital IQ shows you are really a guru :-)

    You mentioned the information of car renting in your blog, how about their credit? The price is cheap, I’m really interested in it. If I told them I was referred by you, will I get a good discount or more counpons :-)


  2. I don’t know. As anyone else, I cannot garrentte their credit. It may always happen if they discard the company and run away with all the money. The possiblity is always there…. Just be warned of it.

    Based on my previous serveral experience with them, they are doing very well. Very good customer service but some times I suffer from low availability of the car.

    You can say you are referred by me and you will get two 80 RMB coupons- one for you and one for me…

  3. i want to know more about my IQ, to know the level of my brain and how to develope it.

    i also want to know what i can use my brain for.

  4. i have an IQ of 101 on intelligence hardest IQ test and i scored better than some on an easier IQ test… pitiful (=

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