Reached Sea and Saw Faye Wang

I invited my friend Chen and Xia to go with Wendy and me for a weekend drive today. We started at aroudn 2:30 PM and reached the China East Sea at around 3:30 PM.


© Jian Shuo Wang

Saw Supper Stars in Asia

At night, we rushed back to Shanghai Stadium, parked my car in IKEA and went to see the Asia Super Star Anti-Pivacy Show. I saw about 10 super stars in the show. Very cool!




3 thoughts on “Reached Sea and Saw Faye Wang

  1. Hi, Although ive been to the sea but where did you take this picture. Can you tell me How I can reach this part of the beach?

  2. It is at the Chuanshan川沙 area – just go directly from the Long Yang Road, and the continue at Long Dong Road 龙东路 to the east, and you will get there.

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