Wendy Became PMP and This Site Listed in DMOZ

Big congratulations to Wendy. She successfully passed the PMP (Project Management Professional) Exam and became a one of the 50,000 PMP worldwide (according to PMI). I know this is not an easy job. She prepared for it for about 4 months and took the exam the day before our wedding. :-D

Hehe. Very good news for me too. I am so happy also.

Wangjianshuo.com is (Finally) Listed in DMOZ

Today, when I checked the server log, I found a huge jump in hit rate. They are refered from the Regional > Asia > China > Provinces and Regions > Shanghai > Travel and Tourism in DMOZ directory. I tried to become an editor but was rejected. I’d like to thank the current editor for the listing.

There is only 7 sites in the list today and it explains the reason it attracts more visit. :-) Interesting!

The other change of the submission is the Google search result for Pudong Airport


Looks at the Description and Category under the result – they were not there before. This will also benifit the PageRank for this page (currently it is PR4). It is always good to get listed in a directory. Well, wait a minute, I believe the emerge of Google made the directory not that important. The human edited directory seems working not better than computer behind Google.

One Word Keyword

By checking the referer log, I found my site can be discovered by some keywords that is so popular. Maybe you will be surprised by the result as I was. I only list single-word keywords where my site was listed in top 10 result.

WANG – one of the most popular last name in China (also should be the among the top popular last names in the world providing the large China population).

Tongli – my favorite old town.

Dopod – The hottest smartphone in China.




Actually, some very popular keywords with two words (such as Sony P8 and MSN Emotion) also hit the site.


Todo maintained a good personal blog site at Pure-Essense.net and was brought to my attention from her comment. It is that kind of blog with interesting personal stuff. I was really surprised to see a girl who is so good at (especially so passionate about) programming. Check her online user code. BTW, I love the theme of Clean most from all the beautiful themes.

9 thoughts on “Wendy Became PMP and This Site Listed in DMOZ

  1. Congrats to Wendy (PMP) and JS (Dmoz)!

    As a matter of interest, how many unique visitors is this site getting daily after the listing?

  2. How valuable is the PMP certificate on job market in China? I didn’t see much of its value in US when applying for a project manager position. There is no such requirement for this kind of jobs. I guess it may be different in China.

  3. I don’t know yet. Project Management is the buzz word in China. Everyone is talking about it. I didn’t see immediate demand for it yet, but I believe it will be one day – Certificate is a magic thing in China.

    BTW, about 800 people passed the exam, less than 40% of the examinee. Wendy paid about 4800 RMB for the registration. Not cheap…

  4. Hmmm, still waiting for the DMOZ listing myself. I spotted a couple of referrals from DMOZ, but can’t find myself in the index, so I’m hoping it was an editor checking out the site (and hopefully being impressed)


  5. Which is the correct number, 5K or over 50K?

    “…became a one of the 5,000 PMP worldwide …”

    “Worldwide there are over 50,000 Project Management Professionals (PMPs? who provide project management services in 120 countries.”

  6. I’m interested in a Project Management position in China, I speak fluent English and Mandarin. I am also a PMP. Does anyone know where I should begin looking for a position?

  7. We have a Project Manager position open for our Fortune 100 customer to work in China. Must be a PMP with fluent English and Mandarin. Must have extensive project management and PMI approach (PMBOK) experience in the information technology arena and be willing to travel extensively. Expert level user of MS-Project, MS-Office, Visio. Exceptional written and verbal communications skills. If interested, e-mail me at mkbhimani@yahoo.com.

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