PVG: Has Maglev Started Operation?

Dear Mr. Wang:

I came across you website and found it quite helpful. Thank you for all the information.

You mentioned that the Maglev train to airport will be operating in October 2003.

1. Do you have any updated information as to if it is already in service, if not when exactly.

2. Where does the service run between? both ways, or only one way from the airport.

3. If I stayed in a downtown hotel, like the Peace hotel, Is it a good idea to ride the train and transfer to a taxi after the train? or I’d be better off just getting a taxi from the airport.

Thank you.



Thanks for the questions. Maybe infected by the recent accident in the construction of the maglev, the operation date has been postponed. There is no settled operation date yet. So the date Oct, 2003 is no longer accurate.

Below are the photos of the Maglev I took before. I personally love the photos very much.


For the second question, the designed service is, of cause, both way – from the airport to Longyang Rd. and return. But currently, it opens for tourists only and not formal operation.

According to Sina.com, two trains were put into operation in the National Holiday. One has 5 carts and the other has 6 carts. The capacity is 10,000 people per day.

However, don’t expect to take a ride if you come to Shanghai Pudong Airport. It opens for tourists only. That is, it will start from the Longyang Rd. Station, rush to Pudong Airport and return immediately without opening the door. People will get onboard the train and leave the train at the same place – Longyang Road Station.

So the answer for the third question is no. The plan is just impossible since you cannot get on board the Maglev at Pudong Airport Station. You need to wait until the Maglev start formal operation.

Note: This entry is created on Oct 7, 2003, not on the date displayed.

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  1. Mr Wang,

    What a great site you have to help foreign travelers. I will be in Shanghai on the 21NOV and I plan to visit Hangzhou and Yellow mountain.

    Instead of taking the bus from Pudong airport to Hangzhou, where can I also take the bus from if I am staying at Pudong Shangri-la.

    If you can suggest some itenary, that will be great.

    How many days do you recommend to stay in Hangzhou and yellow mountain?



  2. I suggest you to take two days to Hangzhou and 4 days in Huang Shan – if you have time. Refer to my trip before: http://home.wangjianshuo.com/archives/20031007_returned_from_huizhou_huang_shan_trip.htm . Or you can spend only two days on Huangshan only.

    From Shangri-la, I think you can go to a lot of places to take the bus. I know one in Xujiahui – should be No. 30 or so on Hongqiao Rd. Or you can go to the Shanghai Railway Station (this is nearer to your hotel) to take either train or bus.

  3. Mr Wang

    1. Is the maglev train in operation already (jan 04)? Is the trsf in Longyang linked to the metro? I’ll be staying in Pacific hotel. Is it better to take taxi or bus?

    2. because of time constraint, is it better to go Hangzhou or Suzhou?

    Thanks for your help.


  4. Yes. Maglev started formal operation in Shanghai. The LongYang road Metro and Maglev station are the same station so you can expect a smooth transfer.

    Which Pacific Hotel are you station? In Hong Qiao Area? The Sharonton Pacific hotel? If so, you can take airport bus No. 3 since it stops right at the door of the hotel. You can pay a one day trip to Suzhou or Hangzhou – that is good enough. You don’t have to stay in Suzhou at all. For Hangzhou, although two day trip will be best, one is still good to see major places.

  5. Mr. Wang,

    Very nice site. I will be in Shanghai (5th time) Feb 26 and need to go to Changzhou, Wuxi etc. I’m quite excited to ride the Maglev, but am not sure where it terminates. Do you have a link?



  6. Jianshuo: Does Maglev run everyday yet? My husband and I are coming to Shanghai in June and maybe arrive on Wednesday afternoon. Can we possibly catch the Maglev if we just buy tickets upon arrival? Do we have to purchase the tickets in advance and where to buy? Appreciate if you can answer our questions. We both love your blog!

  7. Mr Wang

    I came across this website and found it very very helpful. I am just wondering if you can answer a few questions.

    I arrive on a flight from Bangkok at 16.15(4.15pm) and have to leave on a flight to Zhengzhou from the Hongqiao airport at 1930(7.30pm ) I am just wondering if you can tell me whats the best way to get between airports and more importantly have i left myself enough time

    Cheers Mate


  8. Transition between Pudong Airport and Hong Qiao Airport is 1 hour on the road.

    Interval between two buses of Airbus Line #1 is 15 minutes

    You need to leave at least half an hour for you to get through the custom.

    You need to get to the Hong Qiao Airport 30 minutes before the flight leave.

    So, it is 60 minutes + 15 minutes + 60 minutes + 30 minutes = 2 hour and 45 minutes. So if everything is on schedule, you won’t miss the plan.

  9. Dear Mr Wang,

    I can see that our son Anthony has been intouch with you and would like to know if you could possible give us his email address as there is no way of us being able to contact him as he left without giving us any information and we need to pass some information onto him.

    Thank you Jennifer and Paul Hopfe.

  10. Thank you for your email regarding anthony but the address does not responed at all. Could you pass on a message to him from us. Asking him to phone home.

  11. Thank you for your email regarding anthony but the address does not responed at all. Could you pass on a message to him from us. Asking him to phone home.

  12. Laugh out loud. This is an interesting example of clutural difference and generation gap. Very interesting. Note that I will not be criticizing anyone, merely making observations.

    First the cultural difference. The way one handles such a request is ussually quite different in western vs. Asian cultures. Here is what I mean. In China, one looks at this request and says: the parents (both) want info of their son? Sure, no problem, the request should be honored, as the most natural thing. In many western cultures (with maybe the exception of Italy), one looks at this request and reacts: hmm, there is a privacy issue here. Let me ask the son first. Of course, if the son had given a bogus e-mail address, your e-mail bounces. Jian Shuo, I guess you handled it the right way — the Chinese way. Ha ha.

    Second, the generation gap. It is rather typical that the parents are anxious this way and that about the whereabouts of their child, but the child cares less (also he may not have access to his e-mail). Mr. and Mrs. Hopfe, don’t worry. China is very safe. A foreigner would be extra safe in that country, a fact to which maybe many foreigner readers of this blog can attest. On the other hand, Anthony Hopfe, if you are still reading this board, call home, huh!

  13. Hi!

    Thanks for the excellent pictures that you have taken. I have been to Shanghai twice last year and it was unfortunate that I didn’t get on board Maglev.

    Hey, I was just wondering if you have any pictures of the inside of this train? And pictures of how the tickets look like?

    I have been searching on the web, but I can’t find it.


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  15. September 2005


    Thank you for the very helpful information on this site.

    I have heard so much about the Shanghai Maglev. It is so exciting.

    I am going to be in Shanghai Sept 11-13th and plan to take the maglev in to SH. I have a few questions I hope you would not mind my asking:

    1. How much are tickets

    2. When are the hours of operation

    3. crowded? will I be squished if I have my luggage with me?

    again, thank you so much for a helpful web site

  16. Dear Mr. Wang

    My daughter wants to get a tattoo

    do you know where in Shanghai she can get one

    If you may it would be helpful to have lots of options thank you

    Best regards Kate Anderson

  17. I don’t know exactly where you can get it, but I guess the best try are the following areas:

    Xujiahui – there are many small stores and clinics there. I guess you don’t want the tattoo permentent. They have those stickers, or have drawers to help you.

    The other place to try is the Huaihai Road.

    The third place is the Hong Kong Street under the People’s Square.

    I am not sure if they have it, but these places have better chance to have one since the style fits into those places.

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