National Holiday, 2003

National Holiday night is always the most crowded time in Shanghai. In 2001, I still remember the unbelievable night on Oct 1. At that night, Wendy and I went to the bund, but was only be able to reach the Shi Liu Pu port, which is still 1 km away from the bund, or Nanjing road. People were pushing each other. In the history before, the largest capacity in bund was 0.4 million, however, 1 million people gathered there. It was absolutely impossible to find a taxi or get onboard a bus. The metro was closed too. We walked all the way back to Xujiahui….

Today, however, when I went to the Huai Hai Rd. at 9:00 PM, it is not as crowded as before.

National Flag

The major difference for National Holiday this year is the popularity of national flag. Most of the stores are hanging national flag before their doors. This was not that popular the year before last year (I was not in Shanghai last National holiday).


&Copy; Jian Shuo Wang


&Copy; Jian Shuo Wang

&Copy; Jian Shuo Wang


&Copy; Jian Shuo Wang

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