PVG: From Pudong Airport to Hangzhou

Dear Jian shuo

My husband and I will be visiting China next month together with a group tour. We are planning to stay back in China for another 10 days visiting Hangzhou and Shanghai. Our first stop is from Shanghai to Hangzhou, besides taking the train and plane, are there other transportation like tour buses?.

We want to go to Wuangshan (Yellow mountain), if we want to go on our own, how should we go?

In Hangzhou, we both love food. Where should we go for seafood?

I hope you can help us. Thank you


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Currently, the most convinient transportation from PVG to Hangzhou is, I believe, by bus.


New routes from Shanghai Pudong Airport to nearby cities just put into operation. This is the schedule:

Updated September 22, 2004

    From: Pudong Airport

    To: Hangzhou

    Departs at







    Price: 100 RMB

    Time: About 2 and half hours

    Bus stop location: The Bus Center at the opposite side of Gate 19 of Arrival Hall

The above information is verfied to be accurate as of September 22, 2004. End of Update.

If you are interested in buses from PVG directly to Nanjing or Suzhou, see the appendix at the end of this article.


I don’t suggest you to go by train since it is quite confusing for first time visitors to go from PVG to the South Shanghai Railway Station. There is no direct bus route and the South Shanghai Railway Station is under construction now and therefore is confusing even for local people.

Appendix: Direct Bus from PVG to Nanjing and Suzhou

    From: Pudong Airport

    To: Suzhou

    Departs at









    Price: 82 RMB

    Time: About 3 hours

    Bus stop location: The Bus Center at the opposite side of Gate 19 of Arrival Hall

    Note: It will stop at the Hong Qiao Airport to pick up more passengers before they continue the journey to Suzhou

    From: Pudong Airport

    To: Nanjing

    Departs at





    Price: 122 RMB

    Time: About 5 hours

    Bus stop location: The Bus Center at the opposite side of Gate 19 of Arrival Hall

    Note: It will stop at the Hong Qiao Airport to pick up more passengers before they continue the journey to Nanjing

Thanks for Mr. Zhao at Pudong Airport Nearby Area Bus Services at Tel +86-21-68346671 to provide the information.

Updated Latest Bus Information September 22, 2004

Here is the updated information of the bus to nearby cities.

Hangzhou 100 RMB 1030 1200 1330 1530 1730 1930

Qing Tian 青田 192 RMB 1310

Kun Shan 76RMB 1130 1230 1330 1430 1530 1630 1730 1830 1930

Suzhou 82RMB 1050 1150 1250 1350 1440 1520 1610 1650 1750 1850

Wuxi 100 RMB 1120 1220 1320 1420 1520 1620 1720 1820

Zhangjiagang 110 RMB 1140 1250 1440 1540 1740

Nanjing 122 RMB 1120 1320 1510 1640 1840

If there is any conflict between this table to other time table, this one should be more accurate since I recorded the time table from the poster of the ticket office at Pudong Airport for my visitors.

Updated Latest Bus Information Feburary 12, 2008

This is the latest update about the Pudong Airport to Hangzhou Bus.

Q: Where to find this bus?

A: It is just inside the Shanghai Pudong Airport. It is outside the gate 18 at the International arrival hall. Go directly forward after you exit the gate, and you will see directions. The station itself is pretty hard to find, since you cannot direct see it. It is on the top of the garage. Ask if you need help.

Q: What is the price?

Price: 100 RMB per person.

Q: Where does the bus go?

A: It stops at the Huanglong Stadium in Hangzhou.

Q: What is the departure time?

A: Departure time: 10:30, 12:00, 13:30, 15:30, 17:30, 19:30

Q: What is the traval time?

A: 3 hours.

127 thoughts on “PVG: From Pudong Airport to Hangzhou

  1. Hi,

    I am living in hangzhou.If you want to taste seafood, Here are 2 choices,

    1) JUFUYUAN located at NANSHAN Road( southern moutain road), It is restrant special on seafood.

    2) You can also find seafood at Radisson Hotel nearby WULIN square.I guess it is costly since Radisson is five-star-hotel.

    Welcome to Hangzhou.


  2. I just arrived in Hangzhou having flown to Shanghai. Jianshuo is spot on about the bus being the easiest way, but make sure that you note that the last one leaves at 17:30. Quite a number of international flights arrive in the late afternoon, and you want to give yourself at least an hour to go through the arrival procedures. At least if you miss the bus you can stay in that nice new Ramada for a night :)

  3. Hello, I arrive in Hong Kong on October 9, we need to be in Shanghai on the morning of October 10. On October 11 we need to get to Nanjing. Then on October 12 we need to go to Hangzhou. Then on October 13 we need to be in Kunming. October 14 we have to be in Hong Kong and then on October 15 in GuangZhou.

    Do you or anyone have suggestions on how to (cheapest) get along this itinerary?

    Thank you,


    P.S. If you can provide hotel suggestions in the 4-5 star range, I’d be greatly appreciative.

  4. Brian,

    You are crazy, :-) Seems you will be spinning around the major coastal cities for one week. I am from HangZhou, my suggestion will be:

    HongKong Shanghai: Airplane, DragonAir?

    Shanghai Nanjing HangZhou: Express train, there are special express train between these cities, fast and confortable.

    HangZhou KunmingHongKong: Airplane

    HongKong GuangZhou: train

    you can always find cheap hotel,go http://english.ctrip.com/to reserve it if you are so sure after landing.

  5. Hi Jian Shuo

    I noted John’s email dated Aug 31, 2003. I will arrive Shanghai at Oct 11 17:10 and don’t think I can get the last bus on 17:30 to Hangzhou. Is there any change in the bus departure time? I don’t want to stay at Shanghai for 1 night as I want to meet my family who arrive Shanghai few days earlier and most likely move to Hangzhou from Wuxi or Suzhou at the same date. Is there any alternative safety way to Hangzhou? Please advise.

    Tks a lot.


  6. Great site! I am in Holland and will visit Hangzhou in two weeks. I tried to find travel info from PVG to Hangzhou. Via internet search “pudong international airport hangzhou”, I found this very useful article in your site. Thanks a lot.

  7. Dear Mr Wang Jianshuo,

    Maybe I’m a bit late at requesting info from you. I searched the web for Shanghai Pudong Airport, and came accros your site, which answers practical questions.

    Mine is this : You confirmed there are busses direct from Pudong to Hangzhou. I’ll land at Pudong on Tuesday November 4th at 7.50 am, and wabnt to go to the old Song capital as comfortably and quickly as possible. Do I have to book a bus ticket in advance, and how? Where do busses get in Hangzhou? I know there are at least two major bus stations, one near Wulin Gate, and one near the Railway station, if I remember well.

    As I’m leaving in less than a week, could you please answer me as soon as possible?

    Thanks a lot

    You can answer me in English or Chinese

    Sincerely Yours

    Laurent Long

  8. Dear Jianshuo,

    I will arrive PVG at 23:30pm, will there still be bus to Shanghai railway station?

    What is the rough price to Hangzhou by Taxi after midnight?



  9. Wow. How can you arrive PVG that late? I didn’t know there is a flight that is so late. If your want to take taxi to Hangzhou? It may take at least 1000 RMB if you go at middle night.

  10. Royal Brunei flight BI617 arrives at 23:30pm. All the bus service would finish when I am out of the airport, I guess. So I have to use taxi to Shanghai railway station and wait for the next train to Hangzhou, or stay one night in Shanghai, right?

    How much more do I have to pay for a taxi ride after midnight?

  11. Really? It means they have to operate after midnight. That is really good. I need to go to the railway station to catch a train to Hangzhou.

  12. Hi,

    I’m currently living in Hangzhou, and soon I have a friend and sister coming to visit me, which means I will have to do several back and forths between Hangzhou/PVG.

    I’m very grateful that you have listed the times for the express buses to Hangzhou for the airport. But I have another question; do you know if it’s possible to take this bus FROM Hangzhou TO PVG? It seems it’s pretty hard to get info on long distance buses in Hangzhou.

  13. Hi Jian Shuo,

    Really appreciative of the information listed in your website. I took the 4.40pm bus from Shanghai Airport to Nanjing and all went smooth.

    I’m leaving Suzhou for Shanghai Pudong Airport tomorrow. Tried calling the telephone no. you gave for the express bus service but seems like there are no one answering the phone.

    May I ask where to board the bus from Suzhou to Pudong Airport?



  14. Lei, first of all, don’t trust the numbers I gave. They should be correct numbers, but there is no service garentees. Most of them are either busy all the time or no one answer the phone.

    I think I can add such information in the future. But I don’t know where the bus is now.

  15. how can i go back from Pudong airport to Ningbo? by bus? what is the bus schedul? i think i will arrive airport at 6pm. any buses available then?

  16. Hello

    please advise the best options for travel from Hangzhou to Shanghai 19 April prefer late afternoon.

    also what is the best way to travel from Beijing to Tainjin rtn in same day

    also the costs and I need timetable for both requests

    many thanks


  17. Can you please advise if you know of a direct bus from PVG to Huzhou, or from Hongqaio Airport to Huzhou.

    If there is not a direct bus can you advise where in Shanghai I can catch a bus to Huzhou.

    Thank you.

  18. There should be no directly bus to Huzhou from Pudong airport. I suggest you to go to the Shanghai Railway Station and you can find a lot of buses to Huzhou or any other nearby cities.

  19. Dear Jian Shuo

    Thank you for your prompt response to my enquiry of 10/3/04 regarding catching a bus from Shanghai to Huzhou.

    I have another question for you.

    In an earlier response to a question, you provided a copy of a timetable for the bus from PVG to Hangzhou and it showed that the first bus did not leave until 11.30am.

    Is this correct or did you only print part of the timetable?

    My flight arrives at 6.20am into PVG and I would like to catch an earlier bus if possible.

    Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.


    Ian Tait

  20. Hi,

    I hope you can help. I would like to travel from Huanzhou to Nanjing. I read that there is one daily express train between the cities. Do you have any info on this train, or other means of transportation? I am trying to visit both cities while I am in Shanghai, and it would be helpful to travel directly between the two. Thanks, and what an awesome blog!

  21. dearest,help me out,i need to reach hangzhou on this 9apr,i read ur column using bus is one of the safe n cheapest way…but where will it stop in hangzhou?is it at any place near the shopping spot,market,hotel????n how about frm hangzhou back to shanghai pudong airport wut is the best way…??????pls reply me soon thks/brgds

  22. I am in Hangzhou i like to know is there any entreprenuer club or business club as i have some business plan to share.Thanks

  23. hi all, i am going to Shanghai early next week (first trip to China! excited, although not so abt the current mei yu season.. grrrr… r.a.i.n..). part of my plan is to stay overnight at Hangzhou with my friends for a day.

    we would like to know if anyone has recommendations on good, reliable hotels in Hangzhou, which are preferably near to the train station as we will be rushing back to Shanghai (via express train) the following day to catch a flight home.. it would not make much sense at too expensive a hotel since we will be checking out real early

    your soonest reply will be greatly appreciated- THANKS!!!

  24. Dear Jian Shou,

    I will be arriving at Shanghai Pudong Airport and would be travelling to Pudong Danghu Town.

    What would be the best way to get there?

    Thank you,


  25. Hi Jian Shou,

    Made a mistake in my destination. It should be Pinghu.

    Please advise how to get there.



  26. Pinghu? It is somewhere in Zhejiang or Jiangsu province? Chances are, you can have try the train. Although it is not clean and it is crowded, there must be train to go there. I don’t remember a bus going to Pinghu.

  27. Just a question. My friends will be competing in a competition at Huzhou, China. We’re from the Philippines and I just need to know what is the name of the airport in Huzhou, and if there’s no airport in Huzhou, what airports are nearest it? Will it be better for us to fly to SHanghai or to Hangzhou? If you can reply soon, it would be a BIG help. Thank you.

  28. +Love the site. Can you really solve Rubiks in 4 minutes? Can you tell me about how Maglev is presently operating. I’ve read lots about itand am visiting soon. Is it operating daily and if so what times? Also can you help me with a source of GENUINE cheap golf clubs in Shanghai? Many thanks,

  29. Ina,

    Except for a few well-known cities, you should always try to identify the province where the cities are in in order not to be mistaken. Since you are asking both about Xiaman and Huzhou, you could be referring to cities in Fujian province. Someone with an accent could pronounce the capital of that province Huzhou when in fact it is Fuzhou. Find out if that’s where your friend will be competing in and get the province in which it belong. If it is Fuzhou and Xiamen, then both cities each has an international airport.

  30. I am planning to go to Shanghai and Hangzhou next month. I will arrive at Shanghai Pudong airport at 2.30pm. I plan to go straight to Hangzhou from airport and I must reach Hangzhou before 6.00pm. Can you tell me which is the best transport to use to go to Hangzhou, bus or train. What is the travelling time for each transport. I will be staying in Shangrila Hangzhou. Is the railway station or bus station near this hotel.

  31. I suggest to get on the bus to Hangzhou after you arrive in Shanghai Pudong Airport. It is lack of frustration for you if you are not familiar with the two cities. Shangri-la is a nice hotel and you can take taxi from the Railway station (is also the long distance bus station).

  32. You said I can take a taxi from railway station after I arrived at Hangzhou. Do you mean the bus will stop at the railway station. How is the condition of the bus. Is it an express bus with three seater in one row. What is the travelling time? How much is the fares. Will i have any problem since I don’t read Chines but I can converse in Chinese. Do you think I will be able to catch the 3.30pm bus. I will reach Pudong airport at 2.30pm.

  33. It is about 100 RMB, as I written in the content of the article. You should be OK, as long as you can say “Hangzhou” to them. The bus is very good, but the bus station at Hangzhou is not. It is near the railway station. There are two major railway stations in Hangzhou. The bus stops at the east one, which is not the major one. I took bus to that station the other day and took taxi to Shangri-la. It took me about 20 RMB, I tought. I guess you can catch the 3.30 PM bus, if there is no delay of your flight.

  34. Hi

    I need to leave hangzhou on a sunday late past midnight to catch a flight out from Shanghai PVG at 8 am. Can you help to suggest the best way to get there. How much would a taxi cost for one way Hangzhou—>Shanghai PVG.

    Many Thanks in advance.



  35. Hi, I will be in Xiamen with 10 of my friend,

    we plan tovisit shaghai, can we have more information on express

    train,the travelling time & time table ,

    thank you

  36. Hi, I will be in Xiamen with 10 of my friend,

    we plan tovisit shaghai, can we have more information on express

    train,the travelling time & time table ,

    thank you

  37. Dear Jian Shou,

    Pls inform where does the Bus from Pudong Airport drop in Hangzhou. As I want to travel by East Bus Station in Hangzhou to Keqiao. Also if I want to travel back from Hangzhou where do I get a direct bus to the Pudong airport. Pls also inform the frequency of the buses during the day. This site is quite informative and handy.

    Thank You


  38. Hi ! I had earlier posted my wnquiry, but am still awaiting for a reply from your end. This about direct airport Bus services from Pudong airport to Hangzhou.

    I will be coming from India and would be travelling to Keqiao. So the bus to Hangzhou would be most ideal. Now, I want to know is where would the bus drop me in Hangzhou and from there to go to the East Bus station (Qiche Dong Zhan )so that I can take a connecting bus to keqiao. Would that be my route for returning back to Pudong airport also. What is the time schedule and bus fare. Please inform at earliest as my travel date is 7th Nov,2004.



  39. Sandeep, I am afraid I don’t know the drop off location in Hangzhou since they just moved. It is different from the old station. So if you find any information about the station, please take a look at the time the information is posted, since it may be out of date already.

  40. Dear Mr. Wang,

    I’ll go to Hangzhou on 19Nov from Shanghai. What is the best n clean transportation between these 2cities ? Should I take train or bus, which one is more convinient, coz I bring my 9years old son. How much does it cost and where should I take the bus or train ? In Hangzhou, we will stay at Hangzhou Liuyang Hotel.

    Last but not least, I need your information also if you can tell me where can I buy injection moulding accessories,e.g ejector pins or hardware tools in Hangzhou ?

    Thanks n Regards,


  41. Dear Mr. Wang,

    Sorry, I forgot to ask another questions, I will flight from Tianjin to Shanghai (Hongqiao airport), can you inform me what is the best way to go to YMCA hotel (near people’s park)?How much will be the cost if I take taxi or bus ?



  42. Dear Jian Shuo,

    Your website is a great help. I will be flying to Shanghai in August,05 and would like to get to Hangzhou directly from the Pudong airport. My arrival time to Pudong airport is approximately 6:15 pm. Can I still take the bus from airport to Hangzhou? What is the lastest bus departure time from Pudong airport to Hangzhou? Do you already get a seat on the bus (or take you)? Thanks very much for any of your wonderful help in advance.

  43. We want to visit the canton fair end of april 2005. We will take the

    train from HK and need a visa from china. For this visa we need a

    invitation letter. What is the way to get this letter? Perhaps you can help

    us. THANKS in advance and greetings from Germany

  44. Dear Fred,

    For EU passport holder, you can enjoy 5-day stay in China without a visa if you enter the country from Hong Kong/Shenzhen border, and leave the country the same way.

    You don’t need an invitation letter to get a 3-month one time entry visa. Actually, if you can talk to the Chinese embassy in Frankfurt and mentioning that you would like to visit Canton Fair, and they should be able to grant you the visa within 1 to 2 working days.

    Hope this help.



  45. I need to find information about bus (prefer less stop) bewteen Hangzhou and Nanjing. I am going to travel on coming May. My flight will arrive Shanghai then take the direct bus to Hangzhou. After 4 days, I will visit relateive in Nanjing. I read a news from hz.gov.cn that there is a new highway between two cities. Does anyone know bus transporation between? especially how long it will take. Thanks

  46. I was told that there is a new express train service from Shanghai to Ningbo which just started on April 1, 05. I would like to know the train schedule.

  47. Hello,

    it is a very great site.

    I’m going to Shanghai on August.21, then will go to Jinhua the same day.

    My questions are: How do I go to jinhua? By bus or train? Which is more convenient?

    Do you have their rates and schedule. Where are the train station or bus station? Where do I buy the tickets?

    Thank you in advance


  48. Dear Jian Shuo,

    Thanks for all the information, very useful for a first timer in China. I’ll be going to Hangzhou on the 12th August and would be great if you could give me some information. Is Jin Shan hotel in Hangzhou near to the bus station? How much will it cost if i take a cab to the hotel from the bus station?


  49. Dear Jian Shuo,

    I am going to China in October, 2005 to visit a place called Shaoxing. I wonder if I can catch a bus from Pudong airport to Shaoxing city? I deeply appreciate your comments.

    Thanks in advance

  50. please could you help. my husband and I are travelling to australia in january and ate staying at pu-dong airport overnight. do we need a visa to visit shanghai. thank you.

  51. I see the information for times and locations from Pudong Airport to Hangzhou by bus, but what about the return? What times does the bus leave FROM Hangzhou back to Pudong Airport? And where do you catch the bus in Hangzhou?


  52. Hello Guys

    I am coming to attend the IG seminar in China too from 7th – 9th september in hangzhou city . I plan to come via shanghai . PLease let me know

    should i reach directly to hangzhou or land in shanghai ( via air ) which will be cheaper

    Do i really need to book hotel in advance or i can drop in and check in

    I plan to stay in shanghai too for 2 – 3 days is ttat enuff jus to go around or in case post exhibition i plan to visit some offices or see few plants



  53. Hi there Mate!

    Just writing to say well done on this blog site! We have been to Shanghai and hangzhou Fuyang several times and are heading that way again on the 30th of Nov. We were told by ALOT of people that the bus from PVG to Hangzhou was expensive as all-get-out … And a few others that told us it didn’t exist … so we are stoked, as it means we can get straight out to our mates and begin the adventure again, just earlier … LOVE IT …

    Cheers, have a good day and keep up the TOP work!

    Benny and Larissa Alick

  54. Dear Mr Wang,

    I want to ask you if there is an alternative to take a direct bus from Hangzhou to Pudong Airport ? If yes please inform me where can I take it and what is the schedule of this bus… I wait for your answer…


  55. Dear Jian Shuo,

    My friends and I are planning to visit China in November as I have to travel a few cities which are not major cities in china I therefore would appreciate and welcome your advice.

    1)How to go from Pudong Airport to Changzhou:by train or by bus how much does it costs?Is it expensive if we go by taxi (we travel 3 persons).

    2)From Shanghai to Ningbo: what is the best possible way that we can travel? Again how much does each way costs?

    3)From Shanghai to Putou Shan(East side of Shanghai where people go to worship Guan Yin Goddness)

    I’ve found out that the only way that we can go is by ship. It take 3.5 to arrive at Putou Shan, however on the way back we have to travel 13 hours and therefore have to overnight on the ship. Isn’t there a express ship from Putou Shan to Shanghai?If yes please give me further details ie:timetable,fare etc.

    Best regards,


  56. Could you anyone give me an update for the bus schedue from Pudong Airport to HangZhou? I will be back to HangZhou in Dec 2005, is the last bus departing at 19:30? Looks I can not catch it, since the UA flight arrive around 1930…

  57. Hi Jian Shuo,

    I was wondering if you could help as no-one in England seems to know! I will be changing flights at Pudong for Sydney and the time between flights is 6 hours on the way out and 16 hours on the way back, will I need a visa for this amount of time and/or will I be able to leave the airport?

    Many thanks for a reply as this is my first time travelling on my own and its a little scary…..

  58. Dear Jian Shuo

    I will go to changzhou for business, can you tell me how to go from shanghai pudong airport to changzhou? By train or by bus? How long does it take? How much should I pay?Where to catch the train from pudong airport? Thanks


  59. Dear Jian Shou, what a fantastic blog you offer I am very impressed.

    I need a little help. I am coming to China for the first time to work with a client in Hangzhou. I fly to Pudong airport and am thinking of taking a taxi or a bus. I think a taxi might be arround 1000 RBM, is this correct? Would we need to negotiate with the taxi driver or is the price fixed?

    We do not have the hotel directions written in chinese, we have a map and address in english… is this ok or should we get the details in chinese from the hotel?

    Thank you for your kind service


  60. Charlotte

    To take taxi is an option, although much more expensive. The price is not fixed. Since it is super long distance for the taxi drivers, you have the opporutunity to nogotiate the price. I suggest you to get Chinese locations for the hotel, to make it more easier, although I think it SHOULD be OK if you have the map and location. Also, if you have the hotel telephone, it will be useful. If the driver cannot find the hotel, he can help to make a phone call using his mobile.

    Jian Shuo Wang

  61. Could you tell me the best way to get to Fuyang from Shanghai and how long does it take?

  62. Hi,

    Presently i live in Shaoxing and Pls guide me to Pudong Airport the cheapest way,

    Also would like to return on the same day but it will be at around 9pm.

    Pls advice if there is any service where i can take the bus or train back to shaoxing.



  63. I will be arriving in Pudong Airport at 6.20 am on SQ816 on 18 November. Me and my travelling companion will need to go to Hangzhou where we will be staying for the first night. May I know what is the taxi fare from Pudong to Hangzhou? Is it by negotiation or does it go by the meter? I am conversant in Mandarin and language is not a problem.

  64. Where is the best places to shop and eat in Shang Hei?

    How about in Hangzhou?

    Is there a limousine or car service company that will take me from Shang Hei Airport to Hangzhou?

    If so, do you have thier website, phone and other contact information?

    What is the closet Pearl Market in Hangzhou?

  65. Dear Jian Shuo

    I am a first time visitor to china. I want to goto Ningbo from Shanghai Pudong International airport. I will be reaching around 3.50 Pm. Please tell me how I can travel to Ningbo from Pudong. Is there any long distance buses from airport to ningbo. Where should I take the bus? How to goto the bus terminal.

    Waiting for your reply ASAP

    Warm Regards


  66. Dear Jian Shuo

    In continuation of my earlier question. How to go from Pudong airport to Shanghai bus terminal to catch the bus to ningbo. Where the bus terminal in shanghai


  67. There are many bus termainal in Shanghai. For example, there is one at the Pudong Airport – just out side the International arrival hall. There are buses to Ningbo. You don’t need to go to other places.

  68. Dear Jian Shuo

    Thanks for the info for my earlier querry. Could it be posssible for you to give me the bus schedule from Pudong airport to Ningbo. How long does it take ?. I also would like to know how to reach Shanghai Bus terminal from Pudong airport,

    Best Regards

  69. Can I take the bus directly from Pudong Airport to Ningbo? We get in at 3:25 pm and the train schedule does not look good if I am reading it right. (No train until 19:15) Is there a bus from PVG to Ningbo? If so is there one leaving around 4:30 or 5:00pm?

    Is a bus from PVG to the bus station in Shanghai to get a bus to Ningbo a better idea, i.e. faster or cheaper?

  70. I want to travel from Shanghai airport to Hangzhou by train or bus, can you suggest the way

  71. Hi,

    I want to take a taxi from PVG to Wuxi on 2007,March 24 at about 5.30pm. When I get a taxi at PVG taxi-stop , am I supposed to negotiate for the fare before get in or do they use the meter normally? In each case, what do you recgon the fare ?

    How long does is take the journey on Saturday evening?

    How much safe taking a taxi for a long drive to arrive where I desired ?

    Thank you for your help


  72. Can I know the time taken when travelling from Hangzhou to Yangzhou in china by air, road and rail.


  73. Greetings,

    My wife and I are arriving in Shanghai (PVG) on April 20th at 5:30pm. We would like to get to Yangzhou preferably, or Nanjing that night if possible. Is there a bus that leaves from PVG that will service either city that will work for us? How about a flight to Nanjing? If not, what do you suggest?? Thanks much for your help…


  74. Hi,

    Your site is helpful.

    Which is the nearest bus terminal in Hangzhou that is near XiaoShan Hospital in order to get a bus to Pudong Airport (and vice versa)? How to get to this bus terminal from XiaoShan Hospital? What are the bus timing to PVG?


    p.s. I will be there to seek medical treatment for my son.

  75. I leaving for shanghai and upon arrival immediatley proceed to Hangzhou via airport bus. Will let to know the following

    1) Please direct how do i get to the airport bus?

    2) What is the bus fare?

    3) The airport bus will stop at Hangzhou which bus terminal.

    4) No standing on this airport bus right?

  76. Hi. Thank you for your site. It is very helpful. I am traveling to Shanghai on June 11th and on to Hangzhou. My flight arrives one hour before the last bus leaves. I don’t believe I can make it. Would you recommend getting a hotel room that has an airport shuttle bus and then returning to catch the Hangzhou bus in the morning, or catching a train the next morning? If you believe the train is a better choice, what station will I leave from in Shanghai, and which one will I arrive at in Hangzhou? Also, do you know of a site to see a good map of Hangzhou city? I have been having difficulty locating one…..Thanks for your help. Sarah

  77. Richard: There is no direct train service from PVG to Hangzhou. You could catch the maglev + metro to get to the Shanghai Railway South Station, where you can get a train to Hangzhou.

  78. Hi,

    I am looking for an easiest way to reach Shanghai Pudong airport from Hangzhou. I came to know that Buses are the best way to travel from Hangzhou.

    Now, I have couple of issues to clear:

    1. Is there any direct buses from Hangzhou to Shanghai Pudong Airport? If yes, please tell me how to book the tickets and the address to pick the bus. If you have any details on the schedule, that would be really helpful.

    2. Is there any carry luggage limitations while travelling through bus?

    I would appreciate if you could help me get the answer to these queries.


  79. Hello!

    I will need to get from Jiaxing to Hangzhou airport, and was wondering if there was any direct way of doing this, and if not, the best transport from the centre to the airport

  80. hi Jian Shou,

    noted and thank you for all the info on bus trip from Pudong to Hangzhou.

    where will the bus stop at in Hangzhou?

    I will be staying at Sofitel Xanadu in Xiaoshan. Will it be difficult to get there from the bus terminal?


  81. I am in Keqiao, Shaoxing I have to goto Pudong Air port tommorrow to take flight to Singapore, my flight is around 12.10 am, pls advise which way is easy for me.

  82. Hi,

    great site, congratulations!

    I am arriving at Shanghai Pudong airport on the 18th of February at 15:10 o clock. I want to take the bus to Hangzhou.

    However, I have a couple of questions to clear:

    1. Which bus should I take? If you have any details on the schedule, that would be really helpful.

    2. Where is the bus station at Pudong located?

    3. Do I buy the tickets on the bus or at the airport?

    4. Is there any carry luggage limitations while travelling by bus?

    Thank you very much in advance for the help, I really appreciate it!

  83. The Bus is from Pudong Airport to Hangzhou Huanglong Stadium.

    Price: 100 RMB per person.

    Departure time: 10:30, 12:00, 13:30, 15:30, 17:30, 19:30

    Travel time: 3 hours

  84. 你好



    The informations on your blog are very helpful! I will need to travel from Shanghai PuDong airport to Hangzhou for my work, I was going to hire a taxi but after reading your blog, I will try the Bus and save some money.

    I am looking forward to practice my Chinese and English to read and speak.



  85. Will be taking a week break at Hangzhou this Autumn (after the Olympics), arriving on 17 Sep.

    Thought of visiting nearby cities as well, such as Suzhou and Shanghai.

    What are the best options in travelling (day trip), since our accomodation at Hangzhou is fixed.

    And of course, my wife and I are keen on visiting as much of Hangzhou’s famous sites too. All suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  86. Your blog has a lot of good info. I am arriving in Shanghai at 1630 on 29 Mar. and would like to get to Hangzhou that evening. Is there still a bus at 1930 or is 1730 the last one. I probably won’t be able to get the 1730 one unless my flight is early. Could you please advise of a good hotel close to the airport that is reasonably priced?

  87. Ni hao :)

    we ll arrive to Shanghai and take the bus to Hangzhou according to the information you provided (congrats for the effort!:))

    my question is: can you recommend a nice but cheaper hotel in HZ? or provide a good link for list of this kind of hotels?

    last time my colleagues went to HZ they accepted (out of ignorance) a hotel with 4 stars for 180euors(!!!) (4 stars-yeah right!hehe)

    we re not demanding,nor high-class even though we re coming for business, so we would appreciate if you could help us find a decent place to stay:)

    Feichang gangxie!

    keep up the good work, zhu ni shenghuo kuaile! (wo neng bu neng zheyang shuo ma??) :)

    Ivana and her colleagues:)

  88. Dear Ivana,

    in Hangzhou, I stayed at Jinma hotel before, it is a very very nice 5 stars hotel.


    Jinling Jinma Hotel Hangzhou

    218 Tonghui Mid-Road,Xiaoshan,Hangzhou 311201,China




    this hotel is approx 30 to 45 min drive from Huanglong Stadium!!

    I am going again in a few weeks and got a special business rate of 450RMB it is approx 40Euro. this is a double room including 2 breakfasts. keep in mind this rate was negociated by my chinese friend in person in Hangzhou not over the phone or internet.

    have a good trip

  89. ¢º°Ç¼³±â°èÇÒºÎ,ƯÀåÂ÷ÇÒºÎ(Áß´Ü ¾øÀÌ ½Ã¿øÇÕ´Ï´Ù)¢¸¿î¿µÀÚ±Ý80%

    ±âÁ¸ ÇҺαÝÀ¶ ¹× ¸®½º ´ëÃâ»óÇ°À» ´Ù¼ö ±ÝÀ¶»çµéÀÌ Ãë±ÞÇÏ°í ÀÖ¾úÁö¸¸

    ÃÖ±Ù °¢ ±ÝÀ¶»çµéÀÇ ÀÚ±ÝÁ¶´Þ °æ»öÀ¸·Î Ãë±ÞÀ» Áß´ÜÇÏ´Â »çÅ¿¡ Á÷¸éÇÏ¿©

    ¸¹Àº »ç¾÷ÀÚµéÀÌ ¾î·Á¿òÀ» °Þ°í ÀÖ½À´Ï´Ù.

    ´ç»ç´Â °Ç¼³±â°è, ƯÀåÂ÷ Àü¹®Agency·Î½á 10³â°£ °æÇèÀ» ¹ÙÅÁÀ¸·Î ÇÏ¿©

    ÃÖ±Ù ±ÝÀ¶¾÷°èÀÇ ¾î·Á¿î Çö½Ç¿¡¼­µµ º¯ÇÔ¾øÀÌ °Ç¼³±â°èÇҺθ¦ Ãë±ÞÇÏ°í

    ÀÖÀ¸´Ï ¸¹Àº ÀÌ¿ëÀ» ¹Ù¶÷´Ï´Ù.

    ±×µ¿¾È Ÿ»ç¿¡¼­ °ÅºÎµÇ¾ú°Å³ª »ç½Ç»ó ´ëÃâÀÌ ¾î·Á¿î ÀÚ°ÝÀÇ °í°´À̶ó¸é

    ´Ù½Ã Çѹø ´ç»ç·Î »ó´ãÇÏ½Ã¸é ´Ù¾çÇÑ Á¶°Ç¿¡ ¸Â´Â ¸ÂÃã´ëÃâÀÇ »ó´ãÀÚ°¡

    ÃÖ¼±À» ´ÙÇÏ¿© µµ¿Í µå¸± °ÍÀ» ¾à¼Óµå¸²´Ï´Ù.

    ¢º¢ºÀÚ°Ý¿¡ µû¶ó¼­ ±Ý¸®¸¸ Á¶Á¤µÉ»Ó, ÀÚ±ÝÀº Àß ³ª°¡°í ÀÖ½À´Ï´Ù¢¸¢¸

    ¢º¢ºÅ¸»ç ¼±Á¶È¸·Î ÀÎÇÏ¿© ÇҺΰ¡ ¾î·Á¿î °í°´µµ ó¸® °¡´ÉÇÕ´Ï´Ù¢¸¢¸

    ¢º¢º´ýÇÁÆ®·°À» Á¦¿ÜÇÑ ¸ðµç °Ç¼³±â°è(±¸ÀÔÀÚ±Ý,¿î¿µÀÚ±Ý) °¡´É¢¸¢¸

    ¢º¢º(½ÅÂ÷, Áß°íÂ÷, º¸À¯Àåºñ ´ãº¸ 80%) ÀüºÎ Ãë±ÞÀÌ °¡´ÉÇÕ´Ï´Ù¢¸¢¸


    ¡ØÁ÷ÅëÀüÈ­: 0505-577-7285(ÁÖ, ¾ß°£, ÈÞÀÏ) ¢º±èµ¿±Ô ºÎÀå

    ¢ºÇÒºÎÀü¹® ´ã´çÀÚ°¡ °¡´É¿©ºÎ¸¦ 10ºÐ³»·Î ¼Ó ½Ã¿øÇÏ°Ô ´äº¯ µå¸²´Ï´Ù.


    ¢Ã Ãë±Þ±âÁØ

    – ´ë»óÀåºñ: °Ç¼³±â°è(ÁßÀåºñ), ƯÀåÂ÷, ÁöÀÔÈ­¹°Â÷, ¹ö½º(Áß°í)

    – Çѵµ±Ý¾×: ±¸ÀÔÀÚ±Ý(½Ã¼¼~100%), ¿î¿µÀÚ±Ý(½Ã¼¼80%)

    – Àû¿ë±Ý¸®: Ç¥¸é±Ý¸®(¿¬7.2~11.2)-ÇҺαݸ®(¿¬13~20%)

    ¢Ã °Ç¼³±â°è(ÁßÀåºñ) ±¹³» ÃÖ´ëÇѵµ·Î Ãë±Þ(±¸ÀÔÀÚ±Ý, ¿î¿µÀÚ±Ý)

    ¢Ã Ÿ»ç ÇÒºÎÀÜ¾× ´ëȯÈÄ ¿î¿µÀÚ±Ý Ãß°¡(º¸À¯Àåºñ ´ãº¸)

    ¢Ã ±âŸÇÒºÎ: »ê¾÷±â°è, °øÀÛ±â°è, ¾÷¼Ò¿ë±â±â, ³»±¸Àç, ÇÁ·£Â÷ÀÌÁî

    ¢Ã Ưº°»óÇ°: »ç¾÷ÀÚ´ëÃâ, Àü¼¼º¸Áõ±Ý´ëÃâ

    ¢Ã Ư±â»çÇ×

    – °í°´, ÁöÀÔȸ»ç, ¸Å¸Å»ó»ç, ÆÇ¸Å»ç ¿µ¾÷¼Ò, ¼öÀÔ»ó »ó´ãȯ¿µ.

    – ´ëÇüÀåºñ, Ç׸¸Àåºñ ÇÒºÎ, ¸®½ºµµ °¡´ÉÇÕ´Ï´Ù(󸮱âÇÑ ºü¸§)


    ¢ºÀÌ°÷À» ¹æ¹®ÇϽŠ´Ôµé²² À¯ÀÍÇÑ ÀÚ·á°¡ µÇ½Ã°í ¿î¿µÀÚ´Ô ÇູÇϼ¼¿ä.

  90. Hello,

    I wii visit 23rd Oct. 2008 to Zehjiang university, Hangzou to attend a conference via shanghai. My flight arrival time at Shaghai 16:30PM (Thai airways).Pls. help me availability of busses fro shanghai airport to Zehijiang university, Hangzou and back. Where to purchase bus tickets. Tentative bus fare?

    S.K. Naskar

  91. Hello,

    I wii visit 23rd Oct. 2008 to Zehjiang university, Hangzou to attend a conference via shanghai. My flight arrival time at Shaghai 16:30PM (Thai airways).Pls. help me availability of busses fro shanghai airport to Zehijiang university, Hangzou and back. Where to purchase bus tickets. Tentative bus fare?

    S.K. Naskar

  92. Hello,

    I wii visit 23rd Oct. 2008 to Zehjiang university, Hangzou to attend a conference via shanghai. My flight arrival time at Shaghai 16:30PM (Thai airways).Pls. help me availability of busses fro shanghai airport to Zehijiang university, Hangzou and back. Where to purchase bus tickets. Tentative bus fare?

    S.K. Naskar

  93. Dear Jian shuo,

    I will arrive to Pudong airport at 6:00AM on Jan 01, 2009 and would like to go Hangzhou to catch my friend at 11:15AM. Please tell me the easy/quick way (in details) to go Hangzhou from Pudong Airport. Thanks and have a good day.


  94. Dear Jian shuo, I need new information about timetable of depart from pudong Air port to hangzhou please. we will be there at 15th of february.We come from Iran.thanks

  95. Dera Jian

    I will arrive to Pudong airport at 23.59pm on Mar 06, 2009 and would like to go Hangzhou. Kindly Please tell me the easy/quick way (in details) to go Hangzhou from Pudong Airport either by train or bus.

    and if iam going to catch the train from shanghai railway station at that time how can i go?Thanks and have a good day

  96. I love your blog. very useful

    I am going to Hangzhou for the 4th time in May. I adore it.

    This time, I want too have a look at nice towns and countryside (as well as Hangzhou). Any suggestions?

    from Hangzhou, how do you get to the XiXi nature reserve? Wuzhen? anywhere else on the bus or train?

    Many thanks in advance

  97. Hangzhou has some nice towns, and along the Qiangtang River (also called Fuchun River at the upstream areas) there are many very nice places. There are bus to those locations daily (if not hourly). But I am afraid I don’t have more details about the fast changing bus schedule. Check out the local tourism booklet.

  98. I will arrive at Pudong Airport on 26th of June at 7.00 a.m. and will take a bus from Pudong airport to Hangzhou and will stay at Four Points by Sheraton located at Dongxin Avenue. I have questions to ask you :

    1. At Pudong Shanghai Airport, whether there is only 1 Bus Center at the opposite side of Gate 19 0f Arrival Hall that will take me from PVG to Hangzhou.

    2. Can I buy the ticket at the Bus Center without any reservation ? Price ?

    3. Does the bus go directly from Pudong Airport to Huanglong Station in Hangzhou without any stop ? I would like to know when and where I should take off the bus.

    4. How far from Huanglong Station to Four Points by Sheraton ? Taxi Fare ?

    Thank you in advance for your response as this is the first time for me to go to Hangzhou and by myself without knowing Chinese Language.

  99. 1. Yes.

    2. Yes. Actually, they do not accept reservation.

    3. Without any stop – based on what I heard. I didn’t check myself.

    4. No idea, but I guess it won’t be far away – Hangzhou is small, and it should be within 40 RMB (6 USD) range. Well. I mean a very wide range – I don’t know where is the hotel, but just to let you know that if a taxi driver charges you more than 10 USD, there should be a problem.

  100. hi, i just want to inquire, we will go to Shaoxing City , i know it is very far

    from Pudong Airport. Kindly assist us how we can get there by bus or by train. please help.


  101. I will travel HZ to PVG on 23 Dec for a 3pm flight and on returning will arrive PVG around 7pm. Is there bus service in both directions from HZ to PVG and back to HZ I can use?

    Thanks for your help. Email please.

  102. We know there is a bus from Pudong airport to Hangzhou Yellow Dragon Stadium, can you tell me the times and where it departs the Pudong Airport from? Can we buy tickets at the airport.

  103. Hi, I very much appreciate the information provided on your site and as a result was able to take advantage of the direct bus when returning to PVG from Hangzhou last month. It was very comfortable and as you have stated took about 3 hours and was only 100 RMB. My current problem is that I have to make a last minute trip to Hangzhou and arrive at PVG on Dec. 5th around 10:30 pm and I know from your site that last direct bus to Hangzhou departs at 19:30. Is there another way to get from PVG to Hangzhou at that time of night? I would prefer not to stay the night in Shanghai since the first direct bus doesn’t leave the next morning until 10:30 and would I would end up spending a fair bit of the next day traveling. I only have 2 days in Hangzhou to complete all my business and I’d rather travel through the night than lose any time during the business day. Please advise as soon as possible since I may need to modify my flight schedule and add another day if there is no way to get from PVG to Hangzhou at that time of night. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

  104. Hello,

    How can we go from Pudong Airport as directly as possible to Huangshan (or Tangkou)? Would you recommend the bus or the train (or any other means of transport…)?

    We will probably arrive on October 23rd around 2pm; is it too late to get to the mountains for sunset?

    Thanks for your help,


  105. Hi Jianshuo,

    Nice to meet you! I plan to visit and stay at Keqiao, Shaoxing by next year for 1 month.

    Do you know where can I find a cheap service apartment (around how much) that is near to the textile centre?

    Hope to receive your reply soon. Thank you!



  106. we’re due to arrive PVG at 0940 and then get the next bus for Hangzhou………. I see that there’s a 1030 bus but is that realistic or should we just take it easy and go on the noon bus?


  107. Hi,

    am landing Pudong airport at about 8:30 in evening.

    Can i still get bus for Hangzhou from airport ?

    Pls. suggest me.


  108. Hello Jian Shuo Wang,
    I will be arriving at Pu Dong Airport, Sunday, September 9th, 2012 @ 1800 hrs, I am hoping to take a bus (route #1) to Shanghai Hongqiao (SHA)…are your updates still current? will it still be possible for me to take a bus ???

    Pierre from Canada

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