PVG: Ramada Hotel Opens at Pudong Airport

RAMADA – The four star standard international hotel at Pudong International Airport opens today. It offers 370 rooms and is the first international brand hotel near Pudong Airport.

I have many inquiries from my Pudong Airport webpage that is there any hotel near Pudong Airport? My answer was always, there is one, the Jin Jiang Inn. It is cheap but not good. I suggest you to stay in downtown Shanghai if you not only transit from the airport.

They posted a half-page ugly advertisement on the Shanghai Morning Post.


Application to Driver’s License

When I come to the stage to get the application form for the driver’s license, I find it is almost as difficult as application for the passport. I don’t see any reason why they require the approval letter from my employer again and the photocopy of the business license of my employer. Why? “If my company doesn’t agree, I cannot get my driver’s license?” I asked. “Sure.” The officer on the other end of the phone line answered.

I will Get My Passport Soon

As I wrote weeks ago, I will be able to replace my passport from today. I am going to go to Entry & Exit Administration next Monday to get my passport reissued. Thank God. The three months are just too long for me to wait…

Map from Satellite

You can zoom out (clicking the “-” sign) to find out how close it is to the Pudong Airport.

8 thoughts on “PVG: Ramada Hotel Opens at Pudong Airport

  1. I just flew into Pudong (on my way to Hangzhou) and realized that I’d not seen that Ramada before. It certainly looks nice from the outside, and it’s going to do great business from one-night stays that landed in Shanghai in the evening and can’t leave for wherever they are going until the morning.

  2. I am just curious, did it specify who exactly can write an approval letter for your lincense. I was thinking perhaps you can just write one yourself with the company stamp on it. Or better still, with some of your colleagues likely to get a driver’s lincense, have the company create a template for this kind of letter and let employees customize and print them on demand. And isn’t ma fan (troublesome) to ask your employer for a copy of the business lincense? Oh well, this is a legacy of the old “dan wei” culture. Things don’t change overnight.

  3. Andrea,

    They require that the applicants provide:

    1) Intern Driver’s License, which is issued after you pass the field and small road exam.

    2) National ID card

    3) Reference letter from the company with official stamp

    4) A copy of business license.

    From what they asked for, there is no way for them to idenfy who exactly can write a approval letter, so actually, if the company don’t approval, anyone can just find any other company to sign the approval letter – which is not always easy but always possible.

    Yes. It is troublesome to gather all the information. Actually, I think I am still OK when I got it, but I can imagine some others will get big trouble, since it is the time when you ask someone to stamp on it. Any reason can reject you. Worst situation is, if the company HR wants to decrease your salary or ask for money to give the stamp – who knows, unreasonable things always happens, you have to do it.

  4. Jian is that hotel really bad? I do agree with John, it is very pretty on the outside but is the inside that bad?

  5. Hi,

    Nice Blog.

    I have a strange question, but you may be able to help… do any of the rooms at the Ramada offer a view of the runways and aircraft?

    I always like to be able to watch the action from my airport hotel window!


  6. I have stayed at the Ramada Pudong Airport Hotel several times. It is a good hotel. Make reservations online to get a decent discount. The rooms are good, the Western restaurant is O.K., the Chinese restaurant seemed expensive.

  7. I will be staying at the Hotel in February 2007,it is an overnight stop before flying to Australia the next day, are there any decent evening/nighttime tours of Shangahi

    Thanking you in anticipation


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