TOEIC Score = 915

I got my TOEIC score today, after two weeks after I took the exam. The score is 915 out of 990. Well. It is a good score since I took the first place of all the 50+ participants for this exam – actually the only one with 900+ score. I feel good since I didn’t prepare for it, actually, I learnt there were grammer and corretion types of questions the morning before the exam. Meanwhile, I also feel very bad since if I prepare well for it, maybe I can get a higher score. Anyway, it will pass almost all the requirements for a TOEIC score – the five star hotels ask TOEIC of 890 for outlet managers.

My Listening Score was 480

and my Reading Score was 435

Certificate Fun

I found I became a Certificate and Exam fun recently. I just passed MSF Practitioner Exam yesterday, passed TOEIC just now and will get a driver’s license in the next half month after I pass the final real road exam. The feeling of accomplishment is good, although I am not sure when and how I can use the certificate, especially for the MSF Practitioner Exam. Maybe the benefit is the permission to teach the three-day MSF course 1846A: MSF Essentials. It can be of useful in the future, I think.

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  1. Congratulations, Jian Shuo! That’s a wonderful honor to score at the very top of the group. I bet all your blog writing and comment reading here has had a great effect on your familiarity with written English and some of the difficult colloquialisms. Even if you have no other use for them, at least now you will have a lot of very impressive certificates to hang on your wall!

  2. Dear Officers, Thank you very much for giving me information of the TOEIC TEST. I am still confused about the score of the test resul. Would you please send me the complete list of TOEIC score? I would be very grateful if you could send me the list of Toeic score.

    Thank you so much


  3. When I tried helping someone learning for a toeic test after they’d be learning english in the UK, but I found it very hard to get with the American office slang’s grammer and phrases the test wanted us to know.

    So although I’ve spoken english all the time since birth, I still failed american empire toeic!

    Have fun celabrating.

  4. Actually I don’t know what a shit of the score means since I can not find the comparision of its interpretation. Does a score of 800 means acceptable or good? Does a score of 900 means excellent?

    What is the definition? Maybe I am stupid not able to access such a reference. Can anyone tell me where to get the reference or comparison standing for the scores.

    Many thanks and have a nice career!


  5. Well done! It a good achievement, and what is more important is that it is a personal achievement ~ forget the people that are comparing themselves/others with you, because your score is more important to you

  6. Wang, I really think u r a dork and loser, get a fucking life, smoke weed, fuck, stop playing video games, stop web surfing… get a woman, stop spying on ur mom while she baths… quit abusing your little sister, and for God´s sake get a plastic surgery on your almond eyes— gooks are but UGLY

  7. I got 990 and I’m not even bilingual. My mother tongue is French and I’m from Quebec. The TOEIC is ridiculously easy!

  8. “I got 990 and I’m not even bilingual. My mother tongue is French and I’m from Quebec. The TOEIC is ridiculously easy!”

    French from Quebec here too, got 965, its too easy.

  9. wow! that’s great! how can you did that? 910 ? very high. iam going to take toeic exam on the comming wednesday 19/03/08 and iam very nervous. iam from bangkok, thailand. english is not my first language, so iam worried. could you please suggest me of what to do? how to prepare? what tips?

    my weakness is that iam slow and it is hard for me to finish any exam on time. i try my best.

    please e mail me at

    or, my website is

    i hope you can share your knowledge

    hope to hear from you soon

    thank you


    ps. if anyone read this and would like to suggest me, please feel free. thank you

  10. Hi Jian Shou,

    I think what you meant to say is “I’ve become a certificate and exams FAN” instead of “fun”. It could be a typo error.

    Anyway, considering you’re from a mainly Chinese-speaking country, your English is of very high standard. I admire your spirit of learning. Just wonder how could you learn so many things at the same time.

    For me, I think to master a language, you must have great interest in it. A good and faster way to learn Enlish is through songs. Choose some nice and good songs you like. Learn the lyric and sing along. That way your spoken English can improve sooner.

  11. Dear Jian,

    Wow!!this my first time to go for the exam about TOEIC tomorrow morring ,Now, I am reading a book late everynight.Did you have a trick for the test?Tell me please? I know I am not a very in English but I wil try my best because this exam it’s very important for me at work.

    Congratulation for you high score*+*



  12. Nice to read all of you. me too i have to take toeic test within 1 month.. My last score wast 650 i nee to get 750 for getting my diploma engineer computer scienc, Otherwise i couldnt graduate.. Usually i try study, but i dont know the best way to improve my score so fart.. my weakness from reading. I need all your advice.. I am gonna.. I have a lot of book.. I dontk how i can use it..

    I will appreciate your assisstance..

  13. i took toeic last Monday although i didn’t study. I had no idea about tips taking the said the test. There were many items left undone but i got 725 out of 990. Is this result embarrassing? please comment. thanks.

  14. You know… i’m just took 625 score, my first score was 480. now i’m very hard to learn english. because i couldn’t expect to what i hate to do and get in idea of. I am not interested in helping old people. only i want to take a job for living. i couldn’t connect to any social lifes. how do i relize many relationships and could establish my ownway with relizing Questions and answer in toeic.. i coudln’t get any imagine even when i listen to part 3. 5.6.7. question what i don’t really udnerstand. how do i know and can never make to any diffrent way and diffrent thinking …………. anybody help me?

  15. Excellent score Jian shuo, i was comparing to my score and my score leave behind from your score. i need to learn more. Congrats Jian shuo.

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