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  1. Actually,so beautiful.Seems it lies in an island of west pacific.Indeed,In this planet,there are many very beautiful sites,though no big,no so famous as those metropolitics.I hope ur dreame come true as soon as possible!

  2. It’s my first posting here.

    Thank you for picking such beautiful pictures. But I wish Jianshuo could add more comments, not just a few eye-candy.

  3. Hi,

    Nice suggestion. I was looking for more information about this famous but still mysterious island for me. I hope I can add more information at this page, Li Jingyi.

  4. JSW,

    I like your travel comments. Do you have any information on Guilin? Or what are good tour agencies in shanghai that will arrange tours for you.


  5. Wow. Guilin is a wonderful place to visit. It is famous for the decent mountains and clean waters. If you want a travel agency, I guess China Youth Travel Services may be a good choice – I didn’t travel with them yet, but I know their reputation is not bad. Tel: Phone: 8610 6513 3153

  6. When people think of Tahiti, paintings by a French painter, Paul Gaugain, often come to mind. The man set sail for the French Polynesia in 1891, and decided to stay in the South seas there for the rest of his life.

    His paintings — which features primitive forms and brilliant colors — have a certain rustic beauty to them.

    Incidently, painting was his third career. He was a stockbroker in Paris before that — and a remarkably successful one at that. When the stock market crashed, he got laid off and decided to become a painter — and led a penniless life to his death. (Well, he left for Tahiti in part to run away from his debts, but that’s another story)

    http://images.google.com –> Gaugain, Tahiti

    At least Gaugain got famous eventually — after his death, of course. But many aspiring artists in history simply never made it. Adolf Hitler, for example, was a gifted artist who just couldn’t accepted to art school. He ended up joining the military and got famous in another way.

  7. JSW,

    Thanks! they are ranked #4 of the top agencies I will research and check it out. Yes everyone says Guilin is very pretty.


  8. Yes. Try the agency out.

    Guiline is the traditional spot of scene. It is famous for centuries. There are some places like Lijiang, Daocheng and others which are just become famous these two years. The newer one is also very nice.

  9. Well, this is an old item, but still intersting !

    If you want a good vacation in easy access of Shanghai, try the Philippines !

    Only 3 hours flight from Pudong Airport, a returnticket is around 3700 RMB.

    Everyone speaks english, and they are friendly !

    Cheap accomodation and food too.

    The Philippines is a beautiful country, and half of the beauty lies beneath the surface of the warm clear water.

    There are volcanoes, caves, jungles, lots of beaches, nightlife, and most people are very keen to the elections. The latest election was for the president, who is a woman (!), re-elected recently.

    Total price for 2 persons in 18 days incl. tickets : 11000 RMB

    I have been there 4 times now, the last 2 times with my girlfriend Xiuying.

    She couldn’t swim, but learned it the 2’nd time there.

    When someone can swim 200 meters they can join a PADI diving school and learn to dive in just 3-4 days, so she did (I have been diving since 1999).

    It is truly a wonderful experience to dive with the one you love !

    Diving class is 260 $ incl. everything. Expect no schools teaching in chinese as 99,5% of the chinese tourists comes from either Hongkong or Taiwan.

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    Usually you will go to depths between 8 to 30 meters, lasting 40-60 min.

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    I come from Europe, so I can go there for 21 days without any visa, but chinese mainland citizens are required to obtain a visa (250 RMB).

    No surprise to that, because mainland China requires visa from ALL foreigners – that’s why all others demands a visa from chinese visitors !

    If you have a job, and you are financially ok, you will have no trouble.

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  10. i can’t believe how beautiful Tahiti is, i was planning on going to europe late next year as i am just finishing year 12, but am now reconsidering it, i am from austrlia and tahiti is alot closer than europe, i did a project in highschool about tahiti and always wanted to go there, but now im thinking of going there instead of europe, what do you guys think?

  11. i think that tahiti is one of the most gorgeuos places in the world and i commend and congraulate you for showin its perks and making my home island look very extordinare!

  12. Hi kayla

    Do you know how foreigners can buy real estate in Tahiti Islands ?

    Is it still french rule there ?

  13. Wow thanks for the great pics. They inspire the heck out of me!! They’ll help keep me focused on my plan, that I should reach in just 4 more years.

  14. Amore’ you can’t tell us of a plan, and then don’t tell what the plan is about :-(

    That’s not fair for curious blog readers.

  15. Hello, I found your blog from searching gooogle images for pictures of tahiti. I would like permission to use the second picture (of the water) as a background image for my own online journal. Is that possible? I will credit your site of course. Let me know. Thank you!

  16. My wife and I went to Tahiti on our honeymoon and we fell in love with the people, islands, and the culture. It took us a little while to slow down to the Polynesian pace but once we did, we took full advantage of everything the islands offer. If you are on the island of Moorea, make sure to go on Dr. Michael Poole’s whale and dolphin watching excursion….it was amazing. We saw humpback whales, blue whales, spinner dolphins, sea turtles and giant stingrays. Sunset dinner on a motu’ is also well worth the money. We also rented cars on both Bora Bora and Moorea and found some great shops and sights otherwise unseen.

  17. 1st of all i am only 16, and i think that tahiti is so beautiful…and that is a place that i have always dreamed of going to. I am tahitian and i hane never been to tahiti in my life…taht is pretty sad.

  18. omg im 16 and i come from Tahiti but ive neva been there but i can speak it!!! and i eat it even though ilive in N.Z… but i have all the pics in the wrld of Tahiti and its great my nana sends me stuff and yeah i basicly have Tahiti in my bak yard!!!! it awsum but sad i havent been thurr ne hows hola back

  19. hello!

    my name is hereia and I’m a tahitian girl* I’m 19 and I live in an island in french polinesia*

    I don’t speak english verry well so I wish you will exscuse me*

    your site is beautiful and you are a verry good photograph lol

    big kiss to you from my little island Raivavae wich situed in australian archipel*

    it’ not far from tahiti and it’s also beautiful than here*

    good luck to you*

    bye or in my language “nana” lol

  20. shaka bra, i like the island. i didn’t no its dis good. beta den kaui i think. kaui is very tropical but ever since i see these pictures, ill have to find out myself. oh and im not mad but eating in the ocean is pretty dumb. i think those guys need some more brain cells. if u spil food in the water, u pollute the water. nah jk

  21. i really like the huts and the island… i was just wondering if i could have some sort of a brochure including the different types of packagesÂ…

  22. i love your site and have stored it in my favorites.your photos of tahiti are beautiful.i would like to have more specifics about the resort they were taken at and how to contact them.any help would be appreciated.thanks again.

  23. Check out our contest to win a trip to Tahiti! Every time you order online you’re entered to win. Most people order Tahitian Noni Juice but any product counts. Contest begins April 10, 2006 and ends July 31, 2006


    Trip Package includes:

    * Roundtrip coach-class airfare for two to Tahiti;

    * Seven nights of accommodations at the Beachcomber Hotel & Resort;

    * Ground transportation from the airport to the hotel upon arrival and from the hotel to the airport upon return.



  24. the huts in the water, where exactly in Tahiti is it. Travel information I would love to get to take my husband on a surprise trip to a place like this. I love your pictures.


  25. Please let me know as to where exactly that place in tahiti is. What resort or hotel is that? Is there a website I can visit? I love the pictures. Thank you.

  26. These pictures are amazing! We are in the process of planning our honeymoon… Can you please tell me the name of the resort that these were taken at? Specifically your photo with the name “tahiti-village-large.hut”? I MUST go there! Thank you for this blog!

  27. I’m Lea from Europe /Slovenia) and I am 23 years old..I feel in love in Tahiti aand my greatest wish is to visit it someday!!!

  28. WOW!!! TH4T IS 1 G4WJUS PL4C3!! LOL!!

    LUFFIN IT!!!

    SO GOIN D3R FOR M3 HOLS!!!!!




  29. WOW!!! TH4T IS 1 G4WJUS PL4C3!! LOL!!

    LUFFIN IT!!!

    SO GOIN D3R FOR M3 HOLS!!!!!




  30. HeyY!!!!

    ThzZ PlAce ii’sS MeAn aZz

    Far iiM So Gng tHr oNe DayY!!!

    o.m.g iit’sS So0o0o0…… BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

    wot MeaN azZ pHoto’sS

    ThaT’sS a Mean 1 Of tHmM haViiNg DiiNa iiN tHe WatEr!!!

    dd yo0h n0e that’sS myY mum’sS aUnty’sS SiiSter’sS CouSiiN IIn 1 oV those

    Photo’Ss hehehehehehe!!!!!! :-)

  31. I think its the sofitel…its on Moorea..or it could be the intercontinental on Tahiti, as the the 5th photo down is def the intercontinental

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