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There are two much breaking news recently, which convininced me that the world is going crazy:

  • Iraq war – the topic I didn’t cover in this blog at all since I can say nothing about the action to kill peoples and being killed. Terrible!
  • SARS – the deadly virus that spread to the whole world – the spread of concerns are wider.
  • The China country wide fake news of “Bill Gates was Murdered in LA”
  • Recent suicide of the famous actor Leslie Cheung – Why?
  • ……

Any piece of the news is shocking enough for me to think about. I am just a little bit tired of tracking these stuff in the blog. Let me take a short break today to describe my travel plan this year. Don’t worry. I will keep updating the news related stuff later.

I am very committed to travel to one of the following places, in the order of possibility.


Going to European remains a dream for me since I have never been there. Due to the travel visa issues, the only country opening for travellers from China is German (more may have been opened. I didn’t check the data yet.)

However, there are some workaround that I can go with some business group – the travel agencies always has good ways to send people to anywhere they want using workaround for policies.


Very nice place. I believe it is an adventure. However, I didn’t have any information about the route to this country yet. Anyone has any advice? Anyone has been there before?


U.S. is in the third place I will choose. Although I have been there for many times, they are all boring business trip. I am still interested in Washington D.C., Las Vegas…..

I believe many of my readers will have splendid ideas of where I should go for a 20 days vacation. Please advice. Thanks.

— Thank God for the time to think about good things instead of the virus, the war, the murder and the death these days. —

22 thoughts on “My Dream Travel Destination

  1. Hi Let me tell you sth. about your dream destination:-) Once you get the schengen visa to Germany, it means you can travel to some other European coutries such as Italy, France, Monaco…That would be enough for you! Venice is the most unique place, you should never miss this place if you travel to Italy.

    BTW, your web is very interesting, through which people can feel your passion to the life and the world.

  2. Spring is right. I think the only country excluded from the schengen visa is Iceland and Ireland, England. No visa required while traveling inside EU nations.

  3. But one still can not go to Swiss holding a schengen visa. And it is really a beautiful country which deserve a lot of attention. But since Swiss is going to join the EU, maybe it will be also included in the schengen country.

  4. Yeah. I am just check to see where I can go. I am expecting to see more beautiful scenes like that in Daocheng. The trip to Daocheng really triggered my strong interest for travelling.

  5. hey… if you like sun, sand and great food go to BORACAY ISLANDS or PALAWAN ISLANDS in the Philippines. The snorkeling and diving is wonderful… and cheap. you can search for pictures using google. Just type boracay islands.

  6. Germany…would be an interesting country to visit. I have been there once in the summer of 1996, but only to the historical town of Heidelberg. I would love to go see Berlin, now that it is the national capital again.

    Took a course in German at the Goethe Institute last year, and saw an award-winning German movie called “Bella Martha” (2001) at a film festival. Not an artsy independent film, like the rest, but a drama that depicted the interrelationship between a very serious mid-career German woman-chef, her young, rebellious niece, and a slightly wacky Italian sous-chef turned boyfriend.

    Here is the trailer, it is in German.

    And if you have a slow connection…

    Paramount Pictures bought the distribution rights for North America, and renamed it “Mostly Martha” Here is THEIR website, which is in English, and has lots of photos and graphics.

  7. Thanks, Luo. The information is very useful for me. I will try it. However, my schedule for travel is broken by the current SARS issue. :-(

  8. Hi… i don’t know how hard it is to obtain a visa for Australia. But it is a really nice place and has very beautiful scenery.

    try the site is a little difficult to navigate but it has alot of information on the country.

    Some of the main attractions are the great barrier reef (largest coral reef in the world, i think), uluru (largest rock in the world. i know it sounds silly but it is beautiful and more like a mountain than a rock)

    The sunshine coast in Queensland has very beautiful beaches and rainforests. Melbourne is known for its multicultureism, food and wine areas.

    Sydney is popular and well known for the sydeney harbour and its nightlife.

  9. travel to Europe with Chinese passport is not easy.If you travel on bus don’t worry about visa,since there is no border guards.If you travel on train or plane there will be border agents.Europe is fun.Every little town is different


  10. Dear Mr. Wang;

    I’ll try to return the favor of you excellent blog. I’ve traveled for years in many places in the North America and Europe. Your request for a 20 day trip to the US….here are some thoughts:

    Since you’ve probably visited the western US on business before I’ll stay away from recommending travel there; instead I’ll focus on the mountain regions and the east. You can’t see everything that I’ll include here in 20 days..but it might help you find some interesting places.

    Mountain States

    Wyoming – Jackson Hole

    Very wonderful country with outstanding national parks (Yellowstone, Grand Teton). Don’t come here in the winter months, it’s very cold. Great outdoor activities (hiking, mountain climbing, site seeing).

    You will have to fly in through Salt Lake City, Utah; then take a smaller plane from Salt Lake City to Jackson Hole. The fly in to land in Jackson Hole airport is spectacular as the airport is right at the base of the Teton Mountains. Go to downtown Jackson Hole and see the shops. Drink a few beers at the Cowboy Bar on the square.

    Montana – Kalispell (Glacier National Park). Once again, fly in on a smaller airplane from Salt Lake City. Kalispell itself is an interesting western small town. There is legal gambling. You can rent a car and drive to Glacier National Park. Stay at one of the lodges at the park. This is a wonderful place. If you’d like to see a real western outpost take the 45 minute drive from the west entrance of the park up to the very small town of Polebridge, Montana. A very unique place. Drive across the park on the Going to the Sun Road. You will cross the continental divide. If you really motivated, drive into Canada via the east access point and head north into Waterton Lakes National Park. Go to the Waterton Lakes Lodge and have a meal while looking at the beautiful sites from the dining room.

    There are Grizzly bears, Mountain Lions, and many other wild animals in both Wyoming and Montana.

    New York City

    Go to a show at the Astor Place Theater, Blue Man Group. It’s like no other show you can see on Broadway or Off Broadway.

    Go to the Empire State Building and take the elevator ride to the observation deck. The view of New York’s central park is spectacular.

    If you like Jazz music, try an evening at the Village Vanguard. The best live jazz in the world is here.

    Burlington, Vermont

    A small university town near a very nice lake. A very interesting place with a very liberal political view. Beautiful small town. Rent a car and drive from there to Lake Placid, NY. Take the ferry boat ride across the lake. Drive to the Ben and Jerry’s icecream factory near Stowe. Great icecream. It’s also possible to make a day trip to Montreal from here.

    Denver, Colorado

    Stay in the downtown near Coors field (a baseball stadium). You can walk to many very nice places (restaruants, books stores, etc…). There is a very nice river that flows near the town.

    Drive up to Mount Evans (summer months only). There is a road that you can drive to the summit of what’s called a 14er. (3,500 meter high) mountain. Absolutely spectacular views!

    Take a full day trip to Aspen, Colorado. Eat lunch in town at one of the many good places to eat.

    Altlanta, Georgia

    My home city. A new city with many things to do at night. Drive from Atlanta up to the North Georgia Mountains and see the sites. Stop at the Walasyi Center on Blood Mountain. This is the only place the the famous Appliacian Trail crosses under a manmade structure. Very beautiful views. Camp for a night at Vogel State Park a few kilometers north of this place. Continue to drive into North Carolina and see the Smoky Mountain National Park. A very beautiful place.

    Atlanta itself is very bustling town. Stay somewhere in the Buckhead area, downtown or near Lenox Mall.

    I pick (3) of these places to go. Spend 5-6 days in each location. You can travel by air across the United States in under 4 hours in most cases.

    Start in NYC (3 days there), go to Burlington, Vermont (3 days), return to NYC and travel to Atlanta for (5 days), then go from Atlanta to Salt Lake City and continue to either Jackson Hole or Kalispell (Glacier NP) for 5 more days. When your done, go out of Wyoming or Kalispell vis Salt Lake City to Los Angeles, California for your return trip home. This will allow for a few travel days or an extra nights.

    Of course there are many other places to see and go. Those are some of my favorites. This trip will also keep you very busy and has a mix of city and wilderness locations.

    Good luck with your future travels!

  11. now that you have found my secret lair, the password is (normal thingy) then no spaces doom lowercase.

  12. Bueno quiero ser breve y simplemente recomendaros otro destino de ensueño.

    En la Costa Tropical de España está Almuñécar, se trata de un pueblo típico del Mediterraneo, es un pueblo de pescadores que cada día destaca mas como destino turístico, gracias a la calidad hotelera y a la inversión en infraestructuras. Quiero resaltar que hablamos de turismo de calidad, esto no es Benidorm.

  13. I want to get the visa of schengan estate for tour. but i want the visa which is in ever form.


  14. We were in Rome during May and we rent a room from Hotel Felice for our last day of stay. this hotel is very very very convenient to the terminal, literally 2 minutes walk from the terminal which train is the best transportation between the city and the airport, extremely easy to get on the train (you don’t have to go up and down to the platform to get on to the train.) the room i had was on the 1th floor, we had big window in the room which is cool to keep air circulating while the AC is working fine, nice small bathroom, stand up shower which is good, the room was pretty big, pretty roomy.

    i will definitely stay there if i will visit Rome again, for its price, for its condition and definitely for its location being closed to the terminal. you can find all transportation you need to travel around Rome in the terminal. you don’t really need to join any tour at all. . Book direct with the hotel via their website for the best deal:

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