SARS Concerns Spread in Shanghai


In my previous blog entry of No SARS Case Found Shanghai, I quoted the Shanghai Morning Post’s headline that there is no SARS in Shanghai. However, at the mean time, the unofficial news of SARS has been widely spread among the people. Now one week has passed. The situation becomes worse. Although the offical media still reports that there is no SARS in Shanghai, the citizens have got aware of the deadly virus and taking precautionary measures.

Emails are always quicker than local newspapers

Today, I have received 8 emails from my friends from different locations today in my inbox about the SARS preventional measures. I am not a person who want to forwarding non-business information but this time, I am buried in the emails of SARS. I can imagine the speed of the spreading of the information. If the Internet is still the Internet two days ago, every person in Shanghai with a frequently-used email box should get a copy of the message that there IS SARS in Shanghai.

Despite of official news, preventionary actions are undergoing

Many multinational companies have got instruction from the Asia Pacific headquarters to take preventional actions, such as distributing masks and offer sick employees paid sick leave so that they can stay in home. According to these comments from my readers after my previous blog entries, the situation is becoming worse and worse. “They have started to spray disinfectant spray in huaihaixilu. ” – according to yo.

WHO data

According to WHO’s report on March 31, Shanghai was not listed in the affected areas while Beijing, Guangdong, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, Shanxi, Taiwan Province were on the list.

Although some other media quoted WHO that four cases were found in Shanghai, among which two are health workers. I cannot find the source in WHO’s website.

Meetings postponed

According to IDG (via Google News), Sun has postponed its Sun Network Conference 2003 to be held in Shanghai in April 8-9. 4000 registered attendents and 250 partner companies were impacted.

Meanwhile, the Hard Rock show in Beijing and Shanghai were also cancelled. However, no evidence shows that it is related to SARS fear.


I have created a special SARS category on various aspect of SARS in Shanghai. You are welcome to read and comment.

4 thoughts on “SARS Concerns Spread in Shanghai

  1. Believe or not, somehow I bumpped into your site :) and You did A KILLER JOB on the site. This is one of the best site I have ever been to. I am from Shanghai also, even though I have been in U.S.A since I was really young. But I have to say Shanghai is becoming one of the best cities in the world. ( I visited Shanghai twice last year :)) Even though, some problems still exist in Shanghai, but It’s getting better and better day by day. Regarding the SARS issue, I truely hope It will get under control sooon. So we can all go to Hong Kong and China without the fear of getting infected.:) My prayers go with all the people who has SARS.

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