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Hereby, I’d like to announce that I am married with Wen Feng Fan (Wendy Fan) today. After getting know each other for 6.5 years, we finally setup the family. I’d like to share the good news with you.

We will hold the wedding ceremony at the begining of May. Here are the details:

Date: May 6, 2003

Venue: 3th Floor, Penoy Plaza, Luoyang, Henan, China

We invite all our friends, families to attend our ceremony. Please give us your confirmation using the comment system below. Thanks.

About Wendy

Wendy is one year younger than me but we entered the same university at the same year. Both of us took the China Southern Airlines flight from Zhengzhou to Shanghai in the year 1995. (The air tickets were gifts from the airline since I took the first place of all new students of Henan province while she was in the third place).

She studied Computer Science while I majored in Automation. We first saw each other in end of Sept, 1996. After I graduated, I entered Microsoft and she continues to work on her master’s degree. Two and half years later, very interestingly, she also choosed Microsoft although she got offers from many companies including IBM and Intel.

We have been planning the wedding for some time and we are so happy to finally make it real. Congratulations to me and my wife, Fanfan.

Update Wedding Ceremony Delayed April 22, 2003

We regret to announce the wedding ceremony to be held on May 6, 2003 will be delayed. The health of all our friends are our first concerns. We will announce the new date when the situation becomes better. Thanks for your understand and sorry for the inconvienience this may cause.


Wendy and Jian Shuo

Update My Big Fat Wedding December 8, 2003

Finally, our wedding was held in Garden Hotel, Shanghai on September 21, 2003. It was a fantastic wedding. I have put some pictures on my site. Thanks all for your love and friendship.

34 thoughts on “Marriage Announcement

  1. Congratulations ! buddy.:)~~~~~~ time is passing by, but life can lead to a nice process and so many great goals.

  2. Congratulations!I won’t miss the ceremony!But….where is your photos,ShuoHu!

  3. Acai and Qihui,

    Thank you so much for your congratulations! We have took the wedding photos but I didn’t get the digital version yet. I will put it on very soon.

    I hope you can attend the wedding ceremony. Sincerely invite you to come.

  4. Congratulations!Do you remember me ?I’m the one whose birthday is one day after yours .From long before I see you as my real friend and have fun in your site everyday .So ,I’m so happy for you .Wish you 2 happy !

  5. Haven’t visit your weblog for a long time. It is really a surprise for to see your wedding announcement. I am afaid I can not attend your ceremony. Wish a happy life to you and your wife.

  6. When I was a freshman in SJTU,Wendy and you were already sweet lovers. After about 5 years, I am very exciting to hear the nice news.Congratulations! I hope I could attend your wedding ceremony. And give the best wishes to Wendy and you sincerely! :)

  7. congratulations jian shou, wishing a world of joy for you and your family!

    good luck brother…

  8. Cuanyu, it is long since we chatted before. Getting to know you is one of the most intersting experience for me this year. I thank you for your congratulations! I hope you and your girl friend will get to the sweet time soon.

  9. cynic, I am sorry that I cannot recall you from my memory, but thank you anyway for your congratulations. I didn’t expect there are so many congratulations on the web. Thanks.

  10. Shuoshuo, I am so excited to know your coming wedding. Whether busy or not at that time, I will try my best to go back to Luoyang to visit you couple on that day.

    Best Best Best Wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Jian Shuo, congratulations!!! Though i just know you for a very short time, but i know you are a very good boy and will have an excellent future with Wendy Fan.

  12. WOW, many many congratulations, Jian Shuo!!!! I have a good friend who just got married too. How WONDERFUL!!! Many wishes for a happy life together.

  13. Good things happen to good people. I am very happy for you and Wendy! This is an occasion to celebrate!Congratulations!

  14. Jian,

    Congrats! I’ve been married for a couple of years… literally, for two years.. and I think it’s wonderful!


  15. I just want to to tell you how much information I was able to extract from your web site. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, and have a son who is planning to go to School for a semester in the area. (Shanghai) We had a rough time trying to find any real information about SARS in that area. Your website was just like a visit to the area. Keep up the great work. We ARE READING about it! People here in the U.S. are already being impacted by this epedimic. By reading all the information you posted, we know what to expect in the future. You are not alone. We all pray that this will end soon. Good Luck to you all. Hang in there! Regards, Patti Golightly

  16. Hi Jianshuo,

    Thanks for providing invaluable information on the Sars situation in Shanghai.

    I’m reporting for Singapore’s The Straits Times newspaper on how bloggers have been affected by sars. I’m sorry to hear that you and Wendy have postponed your wedding ceremony. Hope you can answer my questions to my email address:

    1) Is it because your guests have raised concerns about going to crowded places?

    2) What are your personal feelings on this?

    3) When’s the earliest you can expect to hold your wedding as reports seem to suggest that China’s Sars situation is peaking?

    I hope to hear from you real soon and thanks much!

  17. Congratulations! Jianshuo!

    So happy for you two. Send my best wishes to wenfan. BTW, your website is kind of cooooool…. :-)

  18. Jian Shuo, sorry for the delaied congratulation. But it was your fault not mine, you didn’t inform me on time. Hey buddy, please keep in touch and have a lunch together if you have time.

  19. I like your site and your information is very helpful as I’m planning to visit Shanghai shortly. By the way, are you guys still working for MS and do they have an office in Shanghai?

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