My New Mobile – Alcatel OT715

After SIEMENS, MOTOROLA, NOKIA, SIEMENS, my fifth mobile is Alcatel OT715. I bought one today – I am very excited about it.

Mobile phones

I believe China, Korea and Japan are among the highest population of mobile holders. Take me as an example, I know persons around me all have mobile phones – my friends, my classmate, my colleagues, my friends’ friends – all have mobiles. It seems mobile numbers are just like Social Security ID number – everyone has one. Don’t get me wrong. I just talk about my life and people around me. Don’t assume anyone in China has a mobile – after all, I am living in one of the most modern city. If I can, I should also be something like middle class.

Alcatel OT715 is just designed for me

I am not a fan of mobiles. I just need a mobile that just works. I do have some friends who know every details of almost every model from various manufactures. Obviously I am not that kind of person.

However, this model made me exited when I first saw the introduction from a magzine dedicated to mobiles.


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More pictures from Google

My Pictures

The image I used in my new mobile. @ price of 1850 RMB


15 thoughts on “My New Mobile – Alcatel OT715

  1. What is Alcatel? I’ve never heard of it before. Do you have any pictures? Thanks. BTW, this is a great site. I check it almost daily :-)


  2. Thanks for the info. I am planning to change my Nokia for OT715. Please tell me your experience with Alcatel about its talk time and standby time which Alcatel says are 6.5 hrs and 250 hrs respectively. Thanks

  3. Well. I will rate 9.9 out of 10 after using OT715 for three months. The usability of the address book is the best among all mobiles I have ever used, including Nokia’s.

    For the talking and standby time, I don’t think it is that long – I will recharge the mobile every other day, that is 48 hour (including somewhat frequently talking).

    The reason I didn’t give it 10 is because the system is not as stable as a stone. Sometimes it hangs and requires restart. The menu response a little bit slower – but all these are just very minor issue and I don’t suffer from it.

    In conclusion, I will definitely suggest my friends to get one.

  4. Try to download the software at

    Note: It is about 300M in size, so it may take hours to download it.

    Please be aware that this file is hosted on my laptop computer and my laptop only have Windows XP, which accept 2 concurrent connections. So if you meet “Too many connections” error, please try again later.

    I will try to keep it up for the weekend, from night of July 4 (the time I write this comment), till end of July 6. However, I cannot garrenttee that this is no break during this time — what if the electricity goes off or I just happen to drop the network cable. I will try to keep it up and running though.

    Please let comment on this blog to let me know if you meet any difficulties download the software.

    Disclaimer: This download only opens to those who have already bought Alcatel OT715. If you didn’t bought it, it is illegal to use this software since you don’t have a license.

  5. I am afraid I don’t know where you live in. In China, Alcatel OT715 costs 1875 RMB (225 USD). I don’t know the price and where to get it in your country.

  6. Hello.I would like to know why my mobile OT715 has a signal indicator only with 4 lines.Can you help me with some information why is that? Thanks a lot.

  7. Sergiu, I am afriad I cannot help you on your specific situation. Chances are, the signal of the mobile service provider is not good, but you may have exclude this obvious answer.

  8. I have seen a product called an Internal Cell Phone Antenna which is a thin board (film) that you lay under the battery to amplify signal. I have not used it and don’t remember where it was sold.

  9. Please I need the Alcatel 715 softeware which I enables me to download ringtones and pictures on my phone .

  10. dear sir

    how are you ,,, my name is karim ahmed ,, i am from iraq and i live in china ,, i want to ask you ,, if your company has a branch in chongqing because i have an idea to send some samples from your company to iraq ,, can you give me more information about this ,,,, thanks



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