My Life Begins to be Busy

I am very busy recently. It is the first time I can clearly see what I will be doing in every hour for more than one week. My schedule has been filled till 9:00 AM, Jan 30, 2003.

It is amazing to see how Outlook calendar can help me. My life must be completely in a mass without a calender. Actually, I didn’t use calendar or to-do-list before, but now, it is a must and an essential part of my life. Without a calendar, first, I don’t know what to do, second, I will miss meetings and appoints.

This is a normal Monday. I have created a very nice PPT with my own template. I love the style. It is a horizontal large box on the top, with 20% of it are completely filled with pure red (R255,G51,B0, actually). The rest of completely filled with black. The title is in Tahama size 24 in the black box and with white color. I hope I can share the template with you soon.

9 thoughts on “My Life Begins to be Busy

  1. To be organized is so important to your job. I need tell Longfei to start using Outlook calendar too. The extremely busy working schedule made him forgot a meeting a couple months ago. It was embarrassing!

    I like your website. Do you mind link with my website?

  2. Jian

    is this you . I am from Honolulu. you are the owner of the Tommy Bahama shirts Stall 44? A? Lost your address but think this is you.

    please let me know.


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