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I am watching TV and just head of the news of the Maglev Train Tour.

Before the Maglev trains are put into production at the end of this year, they offer tour for the train at price of 150 RMB and 300 RMB. However, the tickets are still hard to buy. According to the news, they issue 2000 tickets every day, but the tickets were completely sold out before the Spring Festival on Feb 1, 2003. Individuals cannot book the tickets for the future, since the booking services only apply to large accounts with 20+ tickets a time.

Meanwhile, it is even harder to buy train tickets here in Shanghai. I am not sure if people outside China understand this, people will try to return home no matter where they are in the Spring Festival, just like Christmas in the western countries. The train tickets are very hard to buy since there are too many people want to buy the limited number of tickets. According to the OTV news, the lines for buying tickets has been winding from the ticket counter, to outside the ticketing building, and extended to about 10 blocks away. Most of them came to buy the tickets before 12:00 AM yesterday and has standed in the line for 10 hours during the night — poor people!

It is also interesting to see people in Shanghai begin to tour to Hai Nan and other areas of China during the Spring Festival. Air tickets to Hai Nan have been sold out for Feb 1 to Feb 8.

Fortunately, I have booked my air tickets back to Luoyang one week ago. :-)

Updated Maglev Ticket is Set to Be 75 RMB Oct 21, 2003

Starting from Oct 11, 2003, the Maglev will pickup passengers at Pudong Airport on every Saturday and Sunday. Then it drops them off at Longyang Road Station. The price is 75 RMB. This is not the final price yet, since it will continue to drop after formal business operation.

See more at PVG: Maglev Started Carry Passengers.

More Information:

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13 thoughts on “Tickets for Maglev Tour

  1. i am in german and i want to invite some people for tour,so i need ticket for them to come i will soon travel to america there is where i stay permanent,but i do come to germany for business seek.

  2. Hi,

    I would like to find out more about the Maglev trains in Shanghai. i.e. What are the routes, fares, etc. ? And do they have an official website? I’m planning to visit Shanghai and might use it.

    Please email me at


  3. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please send me current info regarding your Magnev train . I will be in Shanghai next week and would like to ride it.

    Many thanks, Bernie van Es

  4. I will be traveling from Manila to Shanghai enroute to Hangzhou. I will be arriving by 4 PM on the 21st of March. I would surely like to try the Maglev and hopefully catch the train ride from Meilong Station to take the last train to Hangzhou by 7 PM. It would be of immense help if you can give me the detailed rides I have to take in order to catch the train for Hangzhou.

    Thank you so much for your assistance.

  5. Mr. Wang-

    I am currently enrolled in high school and I am doing a report on the Maglev trains. Your site has helped me so much on this research project! If you would please be so kind do answer 3 of my questions I didn’t find the answers to on your site-

    1. What day did this train start opperating?

    2. How many pasengers are allowed on the Manglev System?

    3. Is this using attractive or repulsive Technology?

    Thank you so much for your time! Please email me your response!

  6. Hi there,

    I want to know how much is the fare from shanghai to hongkong. Thanks. I am planning to go there near april.


  7. I expect to buy a return ticket for the express 2-hour train from Shanghai to Nanjing for Thurs. May 15 and return on Saturday, May 17th. Where can I find the schedule for an early morning departure from Shanghai and an afternoon departure from Nanjing? Which railroad station would the train be leaving from?

    I also need a Shanghai hotel near the train station but close to the Maglev as I will be flying out of Shanghai the next morning. Any suggestions? Shanghai Bund Riverside Hotel? Garden Avenue Hotel Shangha? Please suggest.


  8. I am going to be in China during May. I would like to know if I will be able to take a trip on the Maglev Train when I visit Shanghai. I have always wanted to ride that new technology.

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