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Blogging is very interesting. The trigger of my blog was the MSN chat invitation sent by Geo, from He asked me about the ban of Google around Sept 3, 2002. “It is interested.” I thought when he “interviewed” me about my oppion for this event. One hour later, I found my comments appeared at the homepage of

I have to say, I was really impressed by the speed of this kind of publishing. From the links provided in the home page, I read more about blogger, from many other blogger’s page, including Anders’s. After that, I began to write my first blog on Sept 11, 2002.

Actually, I am not very keen about the idea of blogging. It is a simple idea and not a great idea. But the way to write down something and publish it is interesting. I was doing so in my previous web site under news section, but the publishing tool is FrontPage and I wasn’t able to publish once every 10 days, instead of daily.

After keeping my promise to write everyday for about a quarter, I begin to look back to see the spread of blogging in China. Isaac Mao from has done a great job in categorizing and link to all blogger site in China. I don’t have exact number, but the list should contain about 100 – 300 blogging websites. Most of them are hosted by

Yesterday, on the marriage ceremony of one of my best friends, I was informed that was blocked in China too. This is interesting. Actually, this is not a breaking news – it is inevitable.

Google is the place where information gathers. Blogger is the place for minds to gather. I believe they are something similiar.

Hopefully, the blogger will keep rolling.

21 thoughts on “Blogger in China

  1. Hi,I can’t enter mt.cgi,because user name & password is invalid,but what are they? can you tell me?

  2. Hi,Wang:

    thank you for your username and password,now i can enter them for next step,all functionalities is ok,but can you tell me how it(Movable Type) applies & works on my website?

    thanks a lot!

  3. Day for day I surf around in net to meet interesting people and international places. It’s great to see that it really works.

  4. Hi

    Still and google also not working properly from

    3 weeks in china this is very bad that blogs are not opening here.Please try to

    solve it properly.


    not opening here in china my blogs are banned here i don’t know what to china internet

  6. blogspot has worked fine for the past 3 months in china. however as of 3 days ago blogspot was been banned from china,…

  7. Is blogger working in china, or what if i host my blogger blog through a sub domain of mine, then will it work?


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