My Google PageRank Increases to PR5

When I started my website one year ago, I only have and some very simple page. I don’t remember the PR value of that site since I didn’t know about this magic word.

Later, I found it is ranked PR4. I love this number very much since most of the sites are PR3 or PR4. Some of them are very large sites.

These days, I found the PR for both of my Personal site and blog site reach PR5.

This is very encouraging news

Why? Since I get listed higher in the result of Google search engine. Sometimes I don’t know why, but my sites are among the top 10 for certain keyword. Sometimes, it even appears as No. 1 site.

Interesting results

Net send spam” – it returns my blog entry of “Net Send” – Yet Another Type of Spam as the top result record – sometimes as the second one.

Pu Dong Airport” – the first three entries comes from my site.

Hai Nan” – also brings a lot of visitors.

It is interesting.

Why this will happen

I believe it is due to two factors:

  1. My friends are linking to me. Raymond, Christina, and Patrick‘s site helped to increase my PageRank. Thanks. I will link back in a special section.
  2. Two sites interlinking each other. I didn’t realized it before but I found provides 80+ links to and receives 100+ links from it. This may also cause the upgrade of PageRank for both sites.

More on PageRank

Google’s got a secret all want to know

Updated Find out PageRank of your site December 29, 2003

The easiest way is to download Google Toolbar. After you install the toolbar, visit your website and your PageRank will be displayed as a small green bar on the toolbar. Move your mouse over the small green bar (marked as PageRank) and the numeric value (0-10) will be displayed as tool tip.

93 thoughts on “My Google PageRank Increases to PR5

  1. (im from germany forgive me my bad enlgish )

    yes this is real interesting ok

    take a look at my sites page rank its 3 at teh moment

    now we have to wait and take a look in 1-2 month i think my pr is climb up to 4 course this site here is linkink at it and 4 other pr 4 sites =)

    thanx and have fun

  2. Increasing pagerank is a hard thing to do. Still working on it myself. It’s not possible to “trick” google into ranking your site high like webmasters could do to other search engines. That’s why google was so popular.


  3. Hi, right now I’m doing some research on Internet marketing, page ranking and stuff like that. Do you know where to find a tool which can tell me where my website is placed (in google) when a specific keyword is entered by the users.

  4. I am a little confused about search engines pageranking matter, how to

    increase the pageranking of my company website?  which is

    ; does it means higher pagerank means higher listing on Google?  How about

    MSN, etc.  thanks for your help.

  5. Great stuff. Sad that Google dictates good web design to such an extent, but it’s a science now. Web design has become a science that requires research in search engine optimization, among other things.

    Check out my telecommunications web site at

  6. I’ve tried what you’re doing to increase my rank on google and no luck. My house music site gets a ton of visitors however not from google I think using google adwords advertising keeps be from low or not listed in general google searches. Anyway just a thought

  7. My PR is “2”. I want to increase it further by introducing blog for my site. Any one can teach me in simple way how to start a blog?

  8. My url is Free Dog Info & e-Dog Advice

    Please educate me to how to start a blog to improve my PR

  9. Very interesting. I am confused about search engines pageranking matter, how to increase the pageranking of my website in google? my site have a good rank in MSN and Yahoo.

  10. hi. is the pagerank only an integer number ? is it possible to know if it’s close to 3 than to 4 ?

    is there a tool that can report with with more accuracy ?


    _______________________________ – Romanian froogle.

  11. Very interesting site. How do you get your page rank up? I have my own site and recently added a Dish network site. I was introduced to the homeschool blog and found that my daughter is real good with the blog. Her secret is lots of friends and posting comments frequently.

    Perhaps you could link to my site and improve your ranking too.

    Thanks for the info.


  12. I had heared a PageRank algorithm like this:

    PR(A) = (1-d) + d (PR(T1)/C(T1) + … + PR(Tn)/C(Tn)) is it true? The number of outgoing links on the page which points at your page has any role in your PR?

  13. Uh, I have been studying the PR for a certain time, and as so much talks about it, from different “professions”, I get confused.

  14. Oh, have you submit to the DMOZ? or some other directories? Will you pls give some suggestion here?

    warcraft powerleveling. Welcome here!

  15. I operate an online website that sells philippine calling cards. Does posting at blogging sites such as yours, increase my website ranking? What does the no follow inserted after my url in the post do? <a href=””

    Thanks in advance for any reply.

  16. I am still at pagerank zero, even if I am doing everything to create fresh content and a navigable site. Is it possible that some blackhats (mainly business “enemies” are trying to sink my site with deceptive tecniques?

    thanks in advance


  17. Hm, PR5 is gr8! I’m trying to get such PR for about 6 months, but still no success:(. Firstly, my site got PR4 from PR0 due to dmoz listings and some other links like wikipedia and so on. However, PR4 means tons of visitors and probably the most important thing is the pagerank value on other pages than homepage.

  18. Hi everyone,

    I have just started trying to increase my P.R ranking currently it’s at 0, if anyone can give advice on what I can do it would be helpfull, here is my site What I was wondering is how do you get a listing on DMOZ as I heard unless you bribe an editor it’s not possible?

  19. I update the template of this site( severals times per year(2,3 times), the PR is 4, but few days ago i found a lost page(with FAQs) of my site with PR5? this page isn’t linked from the index,the content is old (one year or more)

    Perhaps to increase PR i should avoid of changing templates and links very often, some ideas?

    isn’t usual to have a site with PR4 and a page with Pr5

  20. Hi Guys,

    I am new to search engines, please suggest me to increase my page rank. for my website travelinfoindia

    Indian Travel guide, Travelling in india, Cheap holiday packages in india, Best holiday deals in indiandian travel guide for holidays in india, your perfect travel agent for tour and travel in india..

  21. Hello people specially Jiam,

    In the years 2005 and 2006, i wrote comments in this same page, about one of mi sites, in the year 2006 mi PR was 4 with 92 inbound links, now i only have 20 !, but the PR increases to 5, who understands to google?

    I have other sites but at the beginning these had PR 3 or 4 now because Google thinks that there is no important content inside them and the PR is between 1 and 3. :=(

  22. I think there is too much emphasis on PR these days. There are many sites that rank high that only have a PR 4 o 5.

  23. In a previous post(year 2005) i was worried because a page rank of 3,, In the last days, months mi PR was 5, but now today i discovered that is 0!. Mi site isn’t banned but what i’am doing wrong?

    Mi links decreased from 100 to 13, it is terrible.!

  24. My website droped from a pagerank of 5 to a four in one month. I did not make any changes the the website. How would this happen. I have tried to submit my site to the DMOZ. However, in my catagorie I have not seen a single site added in the last two years.

  25. I have had the identical situation happen to my website. It has droped from a PR rank of 5 to a current PR rank of 4 in one month without making any changes to my site outher than adding more content.

    In addition I have been waiting for DMOZ to review my website and have also noticed that they have not added a single site in several catagories I have been watching for over a year now.

  26. I have uploaded my site 4months back. My hits are also ok but Google shows 0 page rank. I have around 34 back links and number of hits per day is around 1000+.

    Please let me know why this is happening.

  27. Do you think your page rank has gone up because you have a lot of links going into it or out of it?

    Would like to get my site up to page rank 5

    This text mortgage advice center

  28. Hi,

    I have also tried to increase my page rank by getting a lot of back links, but nothing seems to work. How long time does it take for Google to update their ranking based on new links? My website is for holiday lets of my villa in france so a high search result in Google is critical!

  29. Some browsers see my page with rank 3 and other see page rank 5. How it is possible ?

    Anyway, the PageRank algorithm PR(A) = (1-d) + d (PR(T1)/C(T1) + … + PR(Tn)/C(Tn)) it looks not working for me…

  30. Good for you. Have been trying unsuccessfully to increase this site’s PR to 5. I know back links is the only way to be but I find this very tedious and quality backlinks are very hard to get. I hope someone could give me advice on how to do this.. :(

  31. Hi Jian Shuo – by the way, this site is now PR of 6 in case you were not aware.

    I’m interested if after you blog, you ping? I understand that ‘blog and ping’ is a sure fire way to increase unique readers and therefore potentially more one way links.

  32. Hi Jian Shuo – not sure if u are aware, but you can now add html code to your FB profile… so what I did, was used my feedburner RSS feed to create a ‘headline animator’ and then copy and pasted the code into the html code application… so now I have a button on my FB profile that displays the latest blog post from my feed, and if users click on it, they can subscribe to my feeds… pretty neat in case you are interested…. :D

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