May God Bless Us

Note: All sites linked in this entry are Chinese sites

I helped caca to add photos to her article. Click here to view.

Meanwhile, I reviewed some hot discussions on Lin’s article Daocheng – To my husband. Millions of people read this article and thousands of them commented on this article in different forums. Here are some sample lists.

Replies on Hinomad. Three pages.

Replies on Free2go. More than 10 pages.

Replies on Finet. One page.

Replies on Netease. One page.

Replies on One page.

May God bless Lin.

May God bless everyone.

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8 thoughts on “May God Bless Us

  1. Nice Websites and blogs!

    i understand why your site is English only.

    However, when u refer to names of places, e.g. “Daocheng”, or a person, would u like to give the original(in your case, most of them are Chinese). That may make your works more readable.

  2. I just want to thank you for your webpage, I’m learning a lot about how to protect my pc from spam. I just have a question, is it possible to spam the spammers?


  3. i was surprised by the title of this article. do you believe in God or do you use the phrase as a cliche?

  4. No. I don’t believe in God. This is an entry of the last year, when some accident happened during our trip to Daocheng. I just used the phrase hoping my friends will be blessed and be well.

  5. Jian Shuo,

    Beautiful pictures of Tibet. very well done. I read the above comment (May 3, 2003) that you don’t believe in God. How can that be when you are surrounded by such beauty? I am a believer myself and feel that such beauty could only be a gift from God. Someday I would love to visit the places that you have pictured to see them for myself.

    Tru – Ohio,USA

  6. I really enjoy being at this informal place. Wish you luck and success for the future. Surely see you again sometime.

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