Two Tall Buildings Outside my Window

Grand Gateway to become taller

With two 54-storey office buildings to set up in each side of the Grand Gateway,the symbol shopping mall in Xujiahui after two years,the commercial center of Xujiahui area will be upgraded into a business trade circle,the Jiefang Daily reported today.

This building will stand outside the window of my office. It will also be seen from the the north rooms of my new house.

This is Shanghai

Shanghai has been hot in media. It is a amazing place now. Just give you some numbers about the construction.

  • 105 metro stations is under construction in the same time.
  • The recent metro line under connection(EXtension of line #3) intersects with 7
  • other metro lines under the ground.
  • 20 years ago, there is no way to cross the Huang Pu river, but now there is already
  • 4 bridges and one turnel.
  • Currently, the fifth bridge is almost complete and three more turnal is under construction.

However, it is still far behind

Although the trends are very positive in Shanghai, it still has a very long way to go in terms of the software of the city. By software, I mean something beyond infrustructure. It may be services, people’s manner, or people’s mind… Check this article. I hate to say this, but part of what he described is true, regarding the smoke and the manners.

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  1. hie! i used to be from Microsoft Malaysia. in the customer support team. i remember that we do keep in contact frequently with ur side in china!it’s good to see u on tiger cafe :)

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