Art? Art!

I don’t like art – actually, I like art but cannot understand it. I am always puzzled when I am left before a painting or anything that is created by an artist. That is bad.

But it seems changed. Tonight I took some very good photos that give me the feeling that it is a piece of artwork. Why? Since it gives me the same feeling as others – I cannot understand, but looks like artistic.

Take a look at this, what it is?

I name it “Red! Red! Red!”

Another one:

Don’t call it “Blue! Blue! Bule!”. I need a name for this one. Do you have any suggestions?

This should definitively called as DNA.

What is this then?

I actually using the digital camera and set the shuttle speed to about 8 second. Thus I capture the lights in the dark that I can never see with our own eyes. They are beautiful, aren’t they? The last picture is taken using the Neg. Art function, which reverse the color.

Also on today

  • Raymond invited to be an co-writer for his Tiger Cafe. It is a pleasant surprise. I accepted the invition quickly.

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