In Memorial of the Judge (Party II)


“How about your partner?”

The judge was so sensitive. I still remember in the afternoon of Oct 1, when we just arrived in Yading, my GF didn’t feel well after we walked a long way toward the entrance of Yading Nature Preservation. When she was sleeping in the wood house, I walked out to find water. The judge smiled and looked at me sincerely. “How about your parnter?” The judge asked. I thanked him and said “She is alright. I am taking care of her.” I still remember his face when asked me. It is on the day before the incident. Just one day before. I have kept blaming me that if I had been as sensitive and thoughtful as he did, we wouldn’t have ignore the symputom and maybe he wouldn’t have gone away. His smile is lost forever.

3 thoughts on “In Memorial of the Judge (Party II)

  1. You don’t have to blame yourself since you are not a docotor and you were thinking about your girlfriend too much at that time.

  2. So movable story and unforgetful experience!Expect to be told face to face some day.)Take care and good luck,Jianshuo and Wenfeng!

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