In Memory of The Judge

This morning, Caca chatted with me on MSN Messenger and sent the link to an article (in Chinese) written by Yanlin in memorial of her husband, who passed away during the trip to Daocheng. It is a very touching piece and all the sentences and words forced me to recall what happened on the day of Oct 2 and Oct 3 in Daocheng.

I finally decided to write something

I have already decided not to write about the judge’s suddenness, since I am not sure whether it will remind other who are alive and made them feel sad and depressed. I am also not sure if the judge and the family is willing to know the details about the terrible day. We call him “”the judge” since he acted as a judge in the game called MURDER on the night before the accident.


article reassured me that it is the right thing to do to write something in memorial of the good man.

“Hi Dude, what is the altitude?”

The judge is a very good man with a lot of travel experience. He wore a professional sports watch with a built in altitude meter. It is very useful. Everyone in the group often consulted him about the altitude we were in. You know, when we were climbing from less then 1000 meters to about 4600 meters high for the first time, every meter increase in altitude means excitement for us. He was so kind that he always reported the altitude whenever anyone asked. The Q and A repeated maybe 20 times during the trip.

…to be continued…

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Note: The sites are in Chinese.

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