I am on My Trip to Daocheng, the lost Shangrila

Note: This weblog will be paused from Sept 29 to Oct 6.

I will be away from the Internetized world for the next 8 days. From 6:00 AM tomorrow, I will be on my way to Daocheng, the lost Shangrila in China.

The small town is at the west part of Sichuan. The scene is exteremely beautiful. I am taking my cameras with me so I can share my photos with you when I come back. It will take me more than one day to get there by bus. Some areas can only be reached by horses. I may not be able to access computer or Internet there — actually, the mobile phone does not work in most areas and some of the towns I am going to tour are not covered by the electronic power network.

Sorry for the pause, but I will defintely share the best pictures you have ever seen with you as soon as I am back after Oct 6.

3 thoughts on “I am on My Trip to Daocheng, the lost Shangrila

  1. Hi,

    I am in Chongqing, and I have been to Depba

    in 2000. That is wonderful trip, this Oct I have

    been to west Sichuan(Kham) and it is wonderful too.where are you and we can exchange our trip experience about Kham ? I like Khamaid.org, maybe

    we have chance to go to Kham together,ok?

    Johnson Tan

  2. Hi Johnson,

    Thanks for your visiting my site. Kham is definitely one of the best areas in China to explorer. After I returned, I found I am hopeless since I lost all my interest to any other places in eastern China.

    I am living in Shanghai and I am also planning another trip to Lijiang, Yunnan. Khamaid.org is a very good web site and I have read lot of good articles on the site before I went to Sichuan. I also posted on their web page after I came back. Stay in tough!

    Jian Shuo

  3. Wangjianshuo,

    I am a frequent reader of your blog for about 6 months now. Thank you for sharing! I am writing to alert you of a possible hacker on your website. Did you see that under “Recent Comments” the link to your article called “I am on My Trip to Daocheng, the lost Shangrila” is listed under a different title, not so nice!

    THought you might want to know.

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