Hotels in Chengdu

This is my forth day in Chengdu, the capital of the south-west province of China.

I am very supprised by the poor service quality of a four-star hotel here (Xi Yu Business Hotel). It seems all the people here are very nice, very happy to help, but, there is no process and some of them are not professional. The operators yelling at me on the phone, the laundry fee must be paid in cash, no tea or orange juice for breakfast, and no equipment is completely work…

Based on this experience and those in Wuhan, I believe it is the time for me to set the right expectation for a four star hotel. Five star means perfection or near perfection – the expection is unlimited, but for any non-five-star hotel, the expectation should be set correctly to avoid depress.

BTW, Chengdu Sheraton is very good. It has a grant lobby and the elevator and rooms are very nice. It will be definitely a good choice to stay.

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