Home.wangjianshuo.com Moved Out of my Home

This is the quickest decision I have ever made in my life – apply a hosting service for my blog home.wangjianshuo.com.

Why so urgent

My site has been down for more than 24 hours. It is not acceptable for my site. Although it is a personal web site without any sponsor, I am still want to keep it as stable as possible. But 24 hours downtime has made the avaiablility of the site to be less than 99.7%. The commercial web site is targeting to 99.99% availability. I need to fix it, as soon as possible.

CompanyCN.com is a good company

Thanks for Google (Chinese site), I found CompanyCN.com in the first page of the result.

I’d like to especially thank Miss Cao who helped me a lot during the setup of the web site in 24 hours – from sending the cash to the company, to setting the domain name system, and to configuring the Perl with the required modules by Movable Type.

The price is pretty good, 380 RMB (45 USD) for one year’s hosting for Perl, ASP and PHP. It is fine for me since it is still cheap after I compared the price between hosting it in ISP and in home.

Netcraft.net provides a very good report on the history hosting of this web site. From the report, you can monitor the hosting change:

Web Server and Hosting History for home.wangjianshuo.com

OS Server Last changed IP address Netblock Owner

Windows 2000 Microsoft-IIS/5.0 26-Sep-2002 Shanghai Telecom Co. Qingpu Telecom Breaure


4 thoughts on “Home.wangjianshuo.com Moved Out of my Home

  1. Can you say a few words about CompanyCN.com’s services after over 1 year with them?


  2. server quality 3/10? Unacceptable downtime due to hardware (mainly disk?) failures then? Too frequent?

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